How about that Illuminati?

What does everyone have to say about the Illuminati?
According to Cecil they existed and have since fizzled out.
According to the friend I’m talking to now they are behind everything.
Can someone give me some convincing evidence one way or the other?


Your friend’s wrong.
No, really.

Hey, look over there! Isn’t that neat?

At their web they say they ,and they .
I don’t thi .
You can see for you lf he e.

If you mean the Bilderberg Group, here is an extremely illuminating article by Jon Ronson on former member Denis Healy.

There are indeed very powerful people in the group, but then again same can be said about any given celebrity party. It does not exist to make decisions, merely to discuss the issues of the day in a social, or at least less formal, environment.

As the article relates, it can be difficult to get everyone to meet up and so perhaps sheer logistics is the reason it is “fizzling”.

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Here’s the Skeptic’s Dictionary’s take

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