How are you supposed to wear baggy sweatpants?

A number of my sweatpants have long rises that make them kind of awkward to wear. I never quite feel comfortable in them–there is always this bagginess that makes me feel like I should be dancing in an MC Hammer video. It seems to be a characteristic of cheaper basic brands like Hanes or Fruit-of-the-Loom. Gear from athletic companies generally fit more like normal pants.

How am I supposed to deal with this excess of material? Do I wear them at my “jeans” waist, so it looks like I am wearing a diaper? Do I wear them at my natural waist, so I look like Clint Eastwood? Do I roll the waist down to remove the excess? Or, do I do something else?

What does everyone else do?

I just make sure the word “Juicy” is centered on my ass and call it good.

If they are so low that my thighs will chafe, I roll up the waistband. But otherwise, since I wouldn’t wear them in public anyway, I just let them hang.

Are you wearing yours outside the house? And if so, are you letting a shirt hang down over the waistband? No tuck?

Urr, being a grown man, I don’t wear baggy sweatpants.

That petty much solves the baggy sweatpants dilemma for me. Are you somehow required to wear clothes that don’t fit you? Your workplace have a really bizarre dress code?

Why would you wear sweatpants to work? In what field do you work in that makes you think a question about sweatpants would have something to do with work attire?

I wear them around the house on cold days, when I have yet to get dressed or have just come in from the rain. I also wear them before and after runs in cold weather.

I know things that I can do as I listed in the OP. I am more interested in how they are supposed to be worn–how other people deal with the same situation. It is not a question about public perception, it is about what the clothing manufacturer intended and/or what people generally find the most comfortable.

Edited because you clarified where you’re wearing them. Just wear them however the hell you want. They’re supposed to be comfortable, not the height of fashion. Who the fuck cares how the manufacturer meant them to be worn – wear them on your head if that’s how you feel like wearing them.

Sports coach? Personal trainer? Fitness instructor?

The larger question is why else anyone else would wear them in public, if they’re not required.

I think sweatpants are “supposed” to be worn rather high around the waist. But then again, if you’re not wearing them to look good, it’s just whatever is most comfortable for you.

Also ugg boots. Hot women can make anything look good.

An actual response–progress is being made. We have one vote for high-waisted, any others?

I agree, they’re supposed to be high waisted, I think. Which I find uncomfortable, so I don’t buy that type of pants. They do make sweat-type pants that are normal fit.

I’m going to vote you have trouble reading, that seems more like a vote for “they’re not a fashion of anything but comfort, wear them however you are comfortable”

I’d also add that perhaps you should buy styles you are comfortable in. Sweatpants come in many many configurations from high waisted to low waisted, slim at the ankles, flared at the ankles and those horrible elastic at the ankles ones.

I would also suggest reading for comprehension is not your forte. I indicated in the OP that there are sweatpants that fit “normally”. I am not asking about those. I am asking about the baggy, inexpensive sweatpants with long rises. The ones that cost $6-8 a pair and most likely outsell other sweatpants by a ten-fold margin.

The question is for people who have that type of sweatpants or have seen people wearing that type of sweatpants. Are they worn high-waisted? Low-waisted? Or, other?

I do not need to ask other people what is most comfortable for me. I already know that. What I want to know is what is comfortable for other people.

Tried this.

Confirm: Is comfortable.

I just wear the waist band at my waist. Giraffe crotch be damned. If you don’t like my giant crotch you can get the hell out of my house.

Let’s dial back the heat a bit, it’s not really a topic that should be spurning on a hot, snarky argument.

Whoa - you didn’t clear your throat!


Sweat pants should be pulled up as high as the material will allow, especially if they are to be worn outside the house. Moose knuckle/camel toe should typically be evident when sweats are worn properly.

Any shirt should be tucked tightly in to the sweatpants.

I’ve never done that. You’re thinking of Jonathan Chance.

Since this was bumped, and I am still curious…

We have two votes for Clint Eastwood, one for MC Hammer, and Hentor the Barbarian likes to show his camel toe. Any others?