How are you?

I believe that this question isn’t asked enough. So, how are you?:slight_smile:

Personally? I’m a bit miffed about people starting threads in the wrong forum.

Fasten your seatbelt, Ace, you’re about to get whisked away to a Forum far, far away.

Grieving. A dear friend and mentor of mine passed away unexpectedly Wednesday night. (Well, mostly - we knew he was in bad shape, but not that it was this bad.)

I’m going to make a post about him, because I need to, just gotta wait till the sadness eases a touch.

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I’m fine, thank you, Leonard33. How are you?


I’m OK, thanks for asking. Feeling a bit down and lonely. Also pretty unmotivated and uninterested in things I used to enjoy. Also, my marriage is going through a rough spot. And, I’m stressed about the near-certainty that we’re going to have to move out of state next year (and be apart from my mom/siblings and have to give up a teaching job I just got after years of trying). But, with the help of anti-depressants I’ve got my irritability under control, so I no longer feel like a big jangling raw nerve all day. I’ll take depression and inertia over seething rage any day, so I guess I’m doing all right.

There are factual answers.

“I’m fine”

See, there’s one.

I’m doing better. I had surgery back in August to fix gotten cartilage in my right hip. It had been causing me pain for the past 10 years. I’m just now starting to feel normal with no pain.

My replies to this question vary with how snarky and/or whimsical I’m feeling)

“Well, I’m not setting any records”
“Why, what did you hear?”
“Half as well as I had hoped, but twice as well as I deserve”
“I’m turtlescanfly” (pretend you thought the question was “Who are you?”-continue to act hard of hearing
“No, who’s on first”
“How much time you got?”

Fine, how are you?

Social constructs require me to say “Great!”

Sadly, I have nothing else to offer other than I hope to get some decent BBQ for supper which will mean I have to walk down a block and actually have to order my choice from their menu and bring it home while perusing the SDMB.
(Mundane, Pointless…but since you asked… :slight_smile: )

Restless and tired and unmotivated. This crap of it getting dark at 5:00 always takes me a while to get used to.

Today is a good day. Happy Friday. :slight_smile:

I’m okay. But my wife’s nephew decided to ignore my advice and challenged the probation system without seeking legal counsel, and is back in custody. Since his mother passed away in May, looks like it falls to us to figure out a way to help him. Starting with getting him to listen to hard truths he doesn’t want to hear.

I really bumped my head a couple hours ago putting chips away at the top of the pantry.

But other than that I’m glowing in purple xlbbbness, wAtch out, teh Saturnians am flurking!

I feel tired, like I want to just fall asleep.

I’m tired, I seem to have a minor skin infection, yesterday someone hit and killed a dog just past my driveway and drove away, animal control couldn’t be arsed to pick up the carcass so we had to deal with it, and my sister-in-law is a word I can’t use outside the Pit, and maybe not even there.

On the other hand, I’m employed, my bills are paid, I’m in line for another promotion in a few months, and dinner is cooking in the oven so it’s not all bad at the Broomstick household.

Let’s average it out and say “OK”.

I am tired today. Like I want to fall asleep and never wake up. To Maggie the Ocelot, you have my condolences. I am sure that he was a great friend and mentor. I will have faith that you will make it through. To Bayard, I am also moving out of my home state in a year. Away from friends and family. I hope that your marriage doesn’t suffer greatly. To Dragwyr, I am glad that your hip is better now. I am usually in pain somewhere. But I am glad that you don’t have to suffer from your injury. To Cabin Fever, BBQ is always worth a trip. To control-z, I too am tired of it getting dark super early. To Sailboat I personally have no experience with that and can do nothing but offer hope. To ftg I hate it when I hit my head on something. Its usually a door. Have a good day to all.