How are your plans for world domination coming?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

My plan for world domination:

step 1. continue to research the locations of every cell phone tower in the US
step 2. hone my feminine wiles to recruit an army of adoring men to do my bidding (I’m a natural redhead, how hard could this be?)
step 3. dispatch my minions to disable aforementioned cell phone towers

I figure I can bring this country to its knees in a day.

Yes, but how are we ever going to find 100,000,000 ball bearings?

I am fascinated by your natural red hair and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Well, it looks like Step One of my plan for world domination, “Labour in obscurity,” has succeeded all too well…

…urrr… redheads? Where?

I like that James Bond baddie plan of putting diamonds into space and demanding tribute. I know diamonds are found in “blue earth”, so I always walk with my head down. When I find it, I’m done.