How are your plans for world domination coming?

Those fools at Miskatonic University laughed at me when I moved to Colorado, now they’re green with envy! The Centennial State offers plenty of privacy and a plethora of research subjects. (It’s GREAT! If you need another warm body, or just a part, grab a skier or hiker off the mountain. Once you’re done, toss it back on the mountain side, the authorities will write it off as a sporting accident or an animal attack – if they ever find the cadaver. :slight_smile: ) Also, there is the Continental Divide. Ah, how I’ve fallen in love with all that water, flowing to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, being drunk by millions (MILLIONS) of unsuspecting fools. . .


I was just wondering how the rest of you captains of immorality are doing.

No matter how well you think your nefarious plans are proceeding, you nebulous ne’er-do-well, just bare in mind that I will be watching…I and my crusading compatriots in the Justice League. And you can’t hope to overcome the valiantly victorious might of the hand of justice. (Bum - Ba - da -DAHHHH!!!)

How dare you! I’m a god-fearing researcher. I help little old ladies cross the street to the morgue. I work toward world peace!*

*If, by world peace, you mean 99.9% of the population has been wiped out by an Ebola virus engineered to spare only people with IQ’s over 200 and accept their place in a utopia of my creation.

And how can you even attempt to pass yourself off as a harmless law-abider when you have the clearest, most damning sign of pure evil - an alliterative name, Mouse Maven! Just like all the most evil specimens of humanity - Lex Luthor, Dr. Doom, Lois La-- hih, uh, errr, uhm…

Oh look! A giant asteroid is hurdling to the Earth! I’d better rush off and pulverized it. Up, up, and AWWWaaaayyyyyyyy!!! shit!

:rolleyes: You sound like my ex-husband. (He was much nicer after the lobotomy.)

Go, use your powers to save the world!

Moron. Now, where was I?

The Monterey Bay Aquarium just released their great white shark, so it looks like I’ll have to do a bit more legwork to get sharks with laser beams on their heads. :frowning:

There’s a problem with world domination from Colorado- you’re decidedly short of sharks.

How you do you know that we’re short on sharks? :dubious:

My weather experiments have been successful!!


Thanks loads. You know it’s supposed to be colder tonight where I am than it is in St. Petersburg? Yes, the St. Petersburg, the one in Russia.

Where’s my furry hat?

I already have taken over the world. You have just not realized it yet.

Winston Smith & I have just relaunched our efforts in the alternate SDMB mirror-mirror universe.

Note the other world requires signing in again, it is all part of our evil plans.

*So what are we going to do tonight?

Same thing we do every night, - try to take over the world! *


Lair. When I rule, your death will be slow and painful.

I see you are familiar with my mentors’ work.

No Evil Overlord worth his (her) salt would dare disclose his (her) plans-that would break one of the Rules of Being an Evil Overlord.

What did you think of my weather experiments last month?

But disclosing somekind of “evil plot” to distract the superheroes from knowing the real plot, and maybe get some superheroes assembled at the distractive locality to ambush them with lightsaberequipped jedi master seaslugs… shait, did I just say that :smack:

I made you say that.

[Montgomery Burns]
[/Montgomery Burns]

What I’d really like for world domination is some of these babies with laser beams on their heads. But I suspect it would be rather expensive to ship them from Australia or Indonesia.

You can buy the world’s smallest country, if you think that would help your plans for world domination get off the ground.

“Love doesn’t make the world go 'round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

–Franklin P. Jones

Swell, howzabout shit-canning the snow and bringing back the 60 degree weather, huh?