How can I create a list of upcoming book/movie releases and keep it updated?

I’d like to maintain a list of upcoming books and movies and the release date for each.

Any idea how I can collect this information? I’m hoping to pull it from somewhere in an automated fashion. I don’t want to spend hours manually maintaining a list. To be honest, I’m not sure it’s even practical to manually create a list. Amazon shows 6,000 new hardcover, English book releases in March 2011 alone.

I’ve thought of using Amazon’s Product Advertising API for this. But it won’t spit out all the new releases.

I’ve thought about webscraping Amazon. But this seems messy and error prone, and may be borderline unethical.

Just looking for some ideas. Thanks!

I suspect that it’s mostly a matter of scouring the net looking for the proper RSS feeds. You can then use something like Google’s Feed API to merge and display them.

Someone’s already done the movie list: