Tracking new releases

Does anyone know of a site that tracks authors you select and emails or otherwise sends notification when they have a new book out? I am forever missing out on new releases and getting sick of it. I’ve tried using Amazon’s author pages but that’s no different than going to each author’s website, which is too time-consuming for me. Amazon is perfect for it; I’m surprised they don’t already offer such a service.

Any suggestions would be welcome. sends me emails about new books. It’s also kind of a cool website that I always forget to update.

You know, I use the Goodreads iPad app often…I’ll have to check out the site.

I love Goodreads but I too always forget to update it. Going there now.

I kicked around this idea and everyone I pitched it to said: Doesn’t Amazon already do that?

Not as far as I know, and when challenged, not one soul ever came back and showed me how.

I’ve heard of Good Reads here, but didn’t know that they would send you emails about new books. Now I’ll have to look into it more.

I saw on an Amazon forum that you could use author pages, but I’ve scoured several and can’t find any link for notification.
I’ve gone to GoodReads and “become a fan” of several authors, and changed my email settings so I get updates when there is news on them. Let’s see if that works, since there doesn’t seem to be anything else out there.