How can I delete a toolbar in IE?

Some stupid spyware/adware program managed to add a toolbar to IE that somehow keeps popping up. I can turn it off, but as soon as I open a new page, the toolbar is right back up there.

So, how can I delete it?

You can try the Add/Remove Programs applet in Control Panel, assuming you’re using Windows. If that doesn’t work, you may have to download a 3rd party software solution.

What’s the name of the toolbar?

Download Ad-Aware or Spybot.

Ad-aware doesn’t fix it. There’s no name to the tool bar - it just hangs on the top of my IE window, under the address bar - it seems to have some dynamic way of updating, though, because the links offered on the tool bar change when I view different types of web pages.

You say in the OP you can turn it off. How are you turning it off?

I’m surprised that Ad-Aware (or Spybot S&D) doesn’t remove it. Another option is BHO Demon. The toolbar is probably a Browser Help Object (BHO). The software will give you a list of BHOs in your browser and lets you disable them. It’ll also give you the location of their software so it can be deleted. You just need to be able to interpret what’s there (for instance, if you have Acrobat, it has a perfectly legitimate BHO).

Yep, updated adaware and ran it twice, unfortunately.

I’m turning it off by right-clicking an open part near the command buttons - a toolbar list will pop up - standard buttons, address bar, links, and in my case some spam bar called “yfhahsfahsfh” or something like that. I can uncheck it to deactivate the bar, and it dissapears - but it pops back up most of the time when I go to a new page.

I’ll give the BHO thing a try, thanks.