How do I remove this toolbar from IE?

I was checking out a website and got some of the usual pop-up annoyances, although this time was different :eek: . One of the pop-ups actually installed a new toolbar on my IE, change my home page setting, and any 404 errors now result in a redirect to this page.

The site is There is a new directory on my disk, C:\program files\xupiter, containing various junk including XupiterStartup.exe and XupiterToolbar.exe. There is no listing for xupiter when I try to uninstall it using the Add/Remove Programs option in Control Panel.

I went into the IE toolbar and unchecked the xupiter toolbar so it doesn’t display. But it is still there, I don’t know how to remove it from the toolbar menu. I changed back my home page, no problem.

What I am really concerned about is what else this stuff did that might not be so visible. It does not appear to be viral, just unethically aggressive commercial crapware.

Did you try running adaware yet?

It gets rid of most spyware and adware. Also, you might want to install the Proximatron or a similar web filter to stop this kind of malicious crap from getting through.