How can I find out how cold it got last night?

I can find today’s forecast for what will happen after now. I can find yesterday’s high/low… But yesterday’s “low” was 48, and right now it’s 32, so I think that 48 was for the night before. I am having a hell of a time finding a weather site/setting that will just tell me how bleepin’ cold it got last night!

NOAA’s National Weather Service has hourly observations for our area - looks like for the past few days -, and most likely yours also. (I tried bringing up Independence, Ohio, but there are three of them). Just type in your zip code and click “observations” on the left. Oh, and

Hi Opal!

I always wanted to write that! :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a cool link… but I think I will have to wait until tomorrow to see, because it only goes up to 7 yesterday, not overnight :confused:

Try Weather Underground. Their history link will give you readings up to about an hour ago. For instance, out here, I can see that it got down to 33.8° F. at Andrews AFB at 6:55 am this morning.

Thanks, RTF! Except now I’m confused, because the weather sites were saying “current” temp was 32 at the time I posted, and that history link says that it only got down to 39.

I think that Cleveland has about three different measurement points. And it certainly can differ from Hopkins, Burke, and whatever else.

There are lots of fairly cheap weather stations that collect the minimum temperature. We have one, and my wife often checks the low right at our house in the morning.

Weather Underground is good also.

Try Accuweather. I use it at work for my daily reports. You can go back months, if you want.