Online weather sites... for previous days?

Is there a weather site that shows more than the weather FORECAST? Specifically I want to know what the high and low temps were for the last couple of days. I frequently want this info but haven’t found a site that offers it yet.

Hunt around here, Opal, and see if you can find what you’re looking for.

Oh god, I thought it was just me

Here’s one:

First type in the location you’re interested in; you’ll get the current forecast, and to the left of that is the heading “Historical Conditions”.

sleep through the past few days and want to know what you missed?

must have been some cat nap…

You can try this (for 'merkins):

Go to this link:

Now replace DFW with the three character code for the nearest airport. This should give you the last 24 hours of weather for your area. These are the official readings for the airport, which can be even more interesting, since they are the “canonical” weather readings.

Yes, I am a weather geek. - I have 8 weather links

Here’s what I would like to see on a forecast page.

General prediction with percentage on rain predictions.
Temperature high and low prediction compared against average temperature and one and/or two standard deviations* from average (hee, hee)
Past week highs/lows/rainfall/averages/standard deviations

Somebody give me that, and you’d be my weather site of choice!
*Standard deviation: A statistical formula that shows the spread of a set of data from average. 67% of the time, temperature will fall within two standard deviations from average.

Are you close to Roanoke? Check the right side of the page, daily climate info for Blacksburg, Roanoke or Lynchburg.

But, you’re probably closer to DC, so look here for yesterday’s weather and monthly summaries.

Just out of curiosity, why do you want this stuff? Weather is boring. :slight_smile: