How can I find the exact day that I registered?

I considered looking through all my past posts and trying to find the ABSOLUTE FIRST one, but that’d take a long time, I think. There’s probably something else that’s painfully obvious that I’m overlooking, and when someone points it out to me I’ll hit my forehead and say “Slap a candy-cane in my mouth and call me Wilbur!”

But, on the off-chance that it’s not common-knowledge (and at the risk of making myself look more foolish than I already do), is there any way I can check back and find out exactly when I registered/first posted to the SDMB?

The day you registered is in your profile. Just click that little icon that says “profile” next to it.

Evilbeth is right.

Finding your first post is somewhat problematic, however, since a search of your own posts will display in reverse chronological order, and that the date of said chron is the date that the thread was last posted to. The very last thread listed in a search of your posts would be the thread that was “killed” (not responded to) the farthest back in time.

I don’t believe that there is a quick and easy way to find your first post. I was recently searching for a particular post I made, the first time I interacted with a specific individual. I even know the date of the post in question, but I couldn’t find it, even after opening all of the threads within a month of that date. (I figure the thread was either bumped or deleted.)