How can I get a found diary back to wife w/o husband knowing?

I found a woman’s diary on the street today. There is no address or phone #, but through Internet sleuthing and a description by a neighbor, I am 99% sure that it belongs to a woman two doors down from us. I have reason to believe she would not want her husband to see it (I’m making every effort not to read it anymore than to find the owner, but I’ve seen enough to know there’s very pesonal info in it). Their last name is unknown and no number on the mailbox. She works and I don’t think the husband does. Of course, there is the possibility it was thrown out deliberately.

I found the husband’s myspace page, and it has a link to her page, but I don’t know enough about myspace – would a message sent to her be necessarily private? Should I set up an account to send her a msg? Any other ideas?

Yes, it should be. If you send her a message, she should be the only one that sees it (assuming that the husband doesn’t have access to her account).

In any case, you can be vague in your message “I found a book that I think is yours. Send me an email at and we can work out a time to drop it off”.

When you get the email, confirm that it is indeed hers (just in case it is not). This will also provide a good opportunity to set her mind at ease and indicate that you haven’t read it.

I wouldn’t message her on MySpace. My sister-in-law set up my brother’s MySpace account and therefore receives all communication sent to him that way. I imagine other couples may have shared accounts in a similar manner.

Stick a flier in their letter box announcing that you found a book in the street at x time on x date and that the owner can collect it from you at your address. Heck, knock yourself out and stick similar fliers in your other neighbour’s letter boxes too in case you’re mistaken about the owner’s identity. If the husband comes to collect it and you’re uncomfortable giving it to him, show him a different book and claim that’s the one you found in the street.

Hmm, the flier idea is a good one. If it works, I’ll certainly assure her I haven’t actually read it. If not, I’ll risk a message. We have several books that can act as decoys if the wrong person shows up.

Do you know where she works?

Is there someone in the neighborhood who you know she is friendly with? You don’t have to reveal anything…just ask if she knows her schedule or something or that you want to invite her over for lemonade.

She’s in the military. If there were a last name, it might be possible to find her through the base directory. They just moved in, so they’re unknown as yet to the neighbors. We’re semi-rural, so inviting over for tea might make sense also…am printing fliers next I get to the library…

Just have to ask this-

If their last name is unknown how in the world did you find their MySpace page?

I’m disappointed at the lack of enterprise shown here. Whatever happened to entrepreneurialism?

I say adopt a sinister eastern European accent, call the house and if the wife answers, say “I found sometheeng very… Eeeenteresting. Maybe someone wouldn’t want to know what is in thees sometheeng… no? Some personal eenformation? Maybe it is worth sometheeng to you? Huh?”

It’s a win-win!

Dunno about how well an easter Euro accent would sound…how about a west Tennessee twang?


I’m scared, so that could work.

Any update?

Yeah don’t leave us in the dark! We need updates! :smiley:

Who the hell drops their diary with incriminating evidence in the street?

I realize you’re in Australia, where the law on this subject may be different, but what you are suggesting is a federal offense in the USA. From the linked site (scroll down to Page 6):

Is there any way you could encourage her to join some anonymous online community, like, er, um…a message board…and then let her know through a PM?

Or announce it on Craigslist, using an anonymous email address. For instance, if you already have your own website, set up a alias such as “

Well, someone who loses it by accident?

OK…got delayed a bit by a high winds, lightning and the power being out, but now I know which car she drives. When it is dark tonight I will slip the note under the wipers.

I did post in Craigslist soon after finding the diary, no response.
Found their MySpace page by googling her name, our city and state, and her child’s VERY unique name. Husband’s picture looks just like guy I have seen in their backyard. Due to a very weird parcel shape, their backyard is practically next to ours.

Screw getting it back to her, get it published!

Freud: “There are no accidents”.

C’mon, you of all people should know that.