How can I get hold of ADP's IT department?

I am in a bit of a situation.
There is, apparently, no IT number for ADP on their website.
My employers are channeling our paystubs through ADP. No problem there, except I cannot access mine from my computer. I have a semi-new computer, about a year old, with Windows 7 on it. I have IE 9, and Google Chrome. I set the IE security settings to match those of ADP website, but, still, no luck.
When I enter my password and User ID on the ADP website, all I get is a page saying I couldn’t be registered because there were insufficient documents. I also have been registered, and there is a confirmation email from ADP stating such. When my employer enters the same ID and password, they can reach the correct page from their computer, and come up with the documents. My company uses IE, so it should be the same. So, it’s, apparently, a computer/browser/etc… compatibility issue. All of the websites I have found for ADP say to ask my work administrator. Well, she doesn’t have any idea of what the problem is. Every time I call ADP, they always say to contact my administrator.
It should be a simple fix. It is totally bizarre that ADP, whose business is computer admin, etc… should not have a readily accessible number for IT. But, apparently, that’s the way it is.
Can anybody tell me if there are some ways to find IT for a company that apparently wants to hide it away? Or, failing that, is there something on the browser that I’m apparently overlooking?


Do they have a main office number? If so, you could probably just call them and ask to speak to someone.

ADP = Another Damn Problem

Too true.

It’s your company’s HR people that are in charge of making this stuff work, and getting ADP on the horn if it doesn’t. So start with them; they might have encountered the problem before. If not, they’ll know how to get in touch with ADP.

I know the situation is frustrating, but you are not ADP’s customer, your employer is ADP’s customer. It makes sense for them not be willing to work directly with you.

Thanks for the input, all!

(Canadian employer dealing with, but possibly similar to your situation.) We had similar problems when we started using ADP online paystubs a couple of years ago. Yes, they told us to contact our HR lady, and guess who did the technical support for the HR lady.

In many cases, based on ADP’s brief and unhelpful error messages, we thought it was because the computer was running a browser that was incompatible, too new, etc. And in all cases, it turned out that the victims were not typing the name, password or company ID correctly. The user ID (determined by HR) had to be typed in exactly as HR had typed it. I think the password is case sensitive, too. Again, this is about, so it may not apply to you.

If one of your co-workers is able to access their paystubs, try using their computer to eliminate the whole technical uncertainty.

Assuming that you & the company person are entering the exact same ID & password (like Heracles said, very often NOT true), then this probably indicates that you have pop-up blockers or cookie blockers or similar safety measures on your home computer that keep the ADP site from working. Those usually have options where you can enter exclusions (‘allow pop-up from website www…’) that will let the website work on your home machine.

ADP ought to have specific instructions for payroll administrators about how to set these options for common browsers. But they’re ADP. See for a sample of such documentation for Distributed Proofreading. (You might try those suggestions, to see if they help.)

I don’t know if this is too basic, but as stated above, have you done the login from your employer’s computer yourself? It’s possible they’re typing something different from what you’re typing - my employer’s login is without a space between the two names but still capitalized, as in StraightDope rather than Straight Dope as the company ID. We use the ADP EZ Labor site and it’s case sensitive.

Hold down the CTRL key when you enter the password if using IE

I would also try Google Chrome as browser in accessing ADP. IE has lots of security bellyaches these days.

You say someone else can log in using their computer and your login. You need to attempt to login at that person’s computer. If you can’t and the other person can, using the same computer and same browser and (ostensibly) same login, the problem is something you’re doing differently. Figure out what that something is.

Find someone who can successfully login using their own login, and ask them to try on your computer. If they cannot, you know the problem is something on your machine. If they can, the problem again is something you’re doing differently.

Why? What does this do?

Allows ActiveX content to run even if local IE security settings are blocking it. If ActiveX content is being blocked in running high security apps you can get various registration and security warnings similar to OP.

IF… and this is a BIG IF, as others have noted, if you are having problems with your machine while you can log into someone else’s machine, than I am willing to bet the issue is probably Java related. Most of the ADP sites that I have had to deal with are very version specific with their Java requirements.

That being said, ADP will be of very little help to you directly, as they will tell you to work with your HR rep, and your companies IT folks (as it should be).

Tristan- Former ADP IT(ish) guy, and current IT(ish) guy who has helped folks get their machines talking to the ADP website.