How can I invest in atheism?

I see it as the wave of the future in America, though to be sure it’s not racing toward us at breakneck speed.

How can I make a buck off of it? How can I consider it as a long-term investment?

Write some books then start a Church of Atheism, catering to Hollywood’s elite. Worked for L. Ron Hubbard.

Invest in golf courses.

Find a way to short the stock of Chick-fil-a and Hobby Lobby.

Become a Pastafarian minister and collect donations.

Start a mobile bible burning service.

Declare 12/25/14 as the day of the pending rapture, and convince as many believers as you can to give you all their earthly possession on Christmas eve this year.

Write an atheist anthem and sell a million records.

Lennon already did that.

Lennon was a Pastafarian?

I’m not sure whether to be amused by the OP’s cheek or disgusted once again that “something happening over there” translates to “hey - I can make a buck offa that.”

Hey, folks, I don’t want to start a business and do work! This is America!

Which reminds me … who can I sue? Unfortunately, though I was raised Catholic and went to one of their grade schools, I wasn’t sexually abused …

Still, I can do as much work as hiring a lawyer. What rights have various religions deprived me of? I had to say the Pledge of Allegiance every day, including “under God” and I think that was pretty opressing.

Catholic school, you say? No brainer. As your attorney, it’s clear to me why you have become an atheist: You have repressed those painful memories of Father Patrick fondling you and the church will pay handsomely.

No need to pay me a retainer: I’ll work on contingency.

For a serious suggestion, the Foundation Beyond Belief supports secular charities; anything that improves positive exposure for atheism cannot but help.

Sell authentic “Russell’s Teapots ®” on EBay.

Get the Catholic church to pay you to spy on us, they’ve got tons of money. If nothing else you’ll learn the secret handshake. :smiley:

Go on sci-fi or discovery channel and search for the IPU.

Gold Jerry gold!

Research communities where church attendance has fallen off, buy up underused church property cheaply, build liquor stores and casinos.

Thank you for that link.

Which us are you?

It will work out for you. Have faith, my son.

Can’t be done. Atheism is a strictly non-prophet belief system.

<claps> :smiley:

We need a Like button…

OK, so write a GOOD atheist anthem.