How can I make a music clip?

If I have a music track on my computer, how can I make from that a sound clip of just a partial piece of that music?

There are programs out there that will cut the songs up for you and such. I used to use them when I took a Multimedia class (I made a short film). These days I’m too lazy to find the program, so I hook up a microphone, put it next to the speaker, and record the part of the song in Sound Recorder (Start->Programs->Accessories->Entertainment->Sound Recorder in Windows). You can go to a certain point in the part you record and cut out everything before and after that. One of my favorite little hobbies is to cut songs up in this way and mix them with generic sounds I find on the Web (sounds of power tools, pets, children, machines, various day-to-day situations, TV/movie quotes etc. as well as drum loops and stuff like that) in Sound Recorder to make “medleys”. You can also speed up and slow down sound files, reverse them, and modify their volume, and then paste them all together after you’ve tweaked each little part. Very primitive compared to the professional software out there, and even to a lot of free software out there, but for a program you don’t have to put any effort into finding you can do some cool stuff with it. Me and my dealer back in high school used to have competitions where the girl he now dates would judge our medleys against each other. (I always won and he got the girl anyway. Bastard. :wink: ) He actually turned out to be a pretty high-caliber scratch DJ and has really perfected his craft. We got together and made some music after he had started to put together some real skills–we hooked up his turntable to my computer and he scratched while I played samples in a program that let you assign sound files to each key and use the keys to start and stop them–and I definitely dragged his music down but we had a lot of fun.

**Audacity ** is an excellent, freeware program for this task.