How can I naturally and subtley increase my sex drive?

I’m looking for home-remedy type advice. I’m a young man, and I’d say I have a healthy sexual appetite, but my girlfriend keeps out-doing me. Are there particular foods/vitamins that can subtley increase one’s sex drive?

IANAD, but I would say a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, and cutting out smoking if you do smoke, and limiting alcohol intake.

But remember that people’s sex drives vary, and they also wax and wane over time.

An increase in testosterone will promote an increase in libido. One way to increase testosterone is squats. You know – barbell across the shoulders, bend at the knees? For that matter, deadlifts would also work but not as much because it’s the activation of the thigh muscles that forces the increased production. I think the increase is small and you mightn’t be able to even shag after a big leg day, but it is an option.

Ginseng works for some men and women alike. Also B-complex vitamins are good for energy in general. Foods to avoid would be turkey, cottage cheese and bananas (they can make you sleepy). Foods good for energy are rye, nuts, spinach, pine nuts and eggs.

Lucky you having a girlfriend who is so “interested!” Maybe you should feed her a cottage cheese banana split.

Lose weight, have a balanced diet, and be physically fit. Smoking can make you impotent so that’s a big no-no.

Is this for real? I never heard that leg excercises could improve your libido.

What about using a rowing machine?

Oh, and is there a cite somewhere for the reference to leg exercises?

I do squats (not the free weight kind…I use the machine…but the muscles exercised are the same).

Healthy, eat right, could use some more sleep, but couldn’t we all?

I eat almost exclusively fish, plenty of greens and fruits (bananas in the morning), etc.

I enjoy the occasional cigarette, but I wouldn’t really miss it.

Maybe it’s a mood thing. She’s coming to visit next weekend! Just the thought of it has increased my sex drive drastically :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Perhaps you might consider moderating your transitional speed, as well. Foreplay can easily be extended, and patience is a virtue. I don’t have above average …ahem… longevity, but given the opportunity can spend several hours per very satifactorily with Mrs. H. Lots of things to do without advancing right away to the coup de grace.

I accidentally discovered that large quantities of sugar-soaked ginger slices (or “crystallized ginger”) have a distinct effect. I bet it’s way cheaper than ginseng. But how many hours in the rowing machine are need after eating a whole pound of candy? Maybe try running a couple of peeled whole ginger roots through the blender, mixed with bananas or something else to cancel out the burn.

This is actually the bulk of my strategy. If I could extend it to once for me for every three or so times for her, I might be able to keep up with her.