How can you reduce your sex drive?

I see lots of medications and techniques for increasing your sex-drive, but none the other way around.

Lets say you have a big project that requires your full concentration. Is there something you can do to reduce these distractions safely and non-permanently (other than frequent manual techniques :wink: )? Any pills you can take?

Some/many anti-depressants have that as a side effect.

Probably not your best bet though.

You know, sometimes I WISH I had no sex drive, but I don’t know that I would really want to do anythhing about it.

You see, with my luck, just after I took the drug or whatever, all my fantasies would suddenly come true all at the same time - such as: I’d get pulled over by a hot female cop who said that they only way to get out of a ticket would be to have sex with her and her swedish bikini team/airline stewardess/college cheerleader friends.

But of course since I had no sex drive, well, it wouldn’t be happening! Argh!

Join the “Sons of Onan” Society or, failing that, look under google for “chemical castration”

The chemical knife

Anti depressants dont decrease sex drive, they just make getting an erection a bit more difficult. You still want to do it!

Saltpeter is famous (or infamous) for reducing the libido, as well as preventing erections in males. Allegedly, it’s used in some prisons, as well as in military basic training camps.

Do you think that your Mom would be willing to help you out?

Get a ugly girlfriend/boyfriend (whichever applies).

try beating off every waking moment

use soap as a lubricant

once it starts hurting, you’re not going to feel very sexy afterwards

Saltpeter is one of the oldest lies still bandied about.

GO to type saltpeter in the search engine.Numerous articles about it.

I’d personally go with the think what she looks like in the morning thing.

Decreased estrogen/testosterone levels means a decreased sex drive, but as these hormones are useful to your body for other reasons it is unwise to mess with them.

Chop your genitals off. That might have some effect.

get married, have kids, get a stressful job, come home tired. Believe me, you will not worry about sex every again.

Saltpeter, is in Sensodyne toothpaste, or least thats what I saw on the label, I think. Doesn’t have that
sexual side effect though.

Get old. :frowning:

Didn’t they used to put BROMIDE in the bully-beef during WW1, so that the Diggers would keep their eyes on the enemy and their hands off the local girls?

Trainspotting said Heroin takes away your sex drive. :wink:

Epididymitis worked for a little while with me, but I don’t recommend it.

Various drugs, the names of which I don’t know.

Well, to quote Austin Powers:

“Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day! Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!”

I don’t think he meant permanently. :eek: