How to lower male sex drive?

Yes, this is a serious question. I’m a little hesitant about asking this because I’m sure someone will think it’s a joke. Trust me, it’s not. My friend Dan is going to medical school this year and is bemoaning his lack of a girlfriend. However, once in med school, he assures me that he won’t have any time for ANY kind of relationship. He asked me if I knew of any way of lowering the male sex drive-- chemical, psychological, meditative, etc? I was forced to admit that I didn’t. Does anyone know? All advice appreciated (and once again, this is meant 100% seriously!)

Has he tried owning a substantial amount of pornogrpahy? It wouldn’t lower the sex drive, so much as give him something to quickly “beat” down his urges, if you will.

Ok, so call me crude. It’s a legitimate question

Well, the stories about potassium bromide and Saltpeter (potassium or sodium nitrate) appear to be untrue.

There’s always chemical castration.

I wouldn’t be surprised if med school keeps him too exhausted to worry about it!

Masturbation every day or several times a day will do it. You can do it until it seems a chore and that should work.

I find that having sex every morning and night keeps my sex drive down. During the day I only think about sex occassionally.

Put him on lots of prescription meds, especially antidepressants and blood pressure meds. It works for me. Well, sort of.

Short of that, well, if he’s going to med school, perhaps this could become his specialty.

Unless your friend is a sex addict this is a non issue.

Just whack it off when the urge arises and keep in mind that even tho’ he wont have time for a GF, it’s very probable that he will have a “Wild One Night Stand” on more than one occassion.

One assumes that you mean “whack off” rather than “whack it off”–ouch! :slight_smile:

He could hire a tart.

Yes. The SSRI antidepressants are famous/infamous for this.

Put up a poster of Bea Arthur?

Mmmmm, Pie!

And Dan got into Med School. . .how?

In my experience, these drugs don’t lower sex drive one iota. They do inhibit orgasm, however, making it more difficult to resolve matters. That seems to be true for men and women alike.

SSRI’s have lowered sex drives in people I know.

It seems that frequent masturbation is a much safer course, though.

Fatigue will do it. And if he drinks a lot to relieve the pressure of med school – even “better.”

Well, his female co-students will have the same problem; maybe they can help each other out.

I thought of that, too.

Anyway, I really appreciate all the replies, and thanks to everyone for taking this at least FAIRLY seriously. :wink: I wasn’t sure how to emphasize enough that he really DOES want advice for this problem, and that is NOT a joke. He also said the same thing about the SSRI’s that was brought up by sunacres, so those are out (that was my first thought, too.)

The quickest way to kill ones sex life in my experience is to get married :slight_smile: