How come there's never been a Cowtown dopefest?

Calgary, that is.

I guess the simple answer would be that no one’s ever gotten around to organizing one. I was at a Dopefest in Edmonton a few years back, and we had a really good time. If anyone wanted to get a group together in Calgary, I’d defintely consider coming!

Well, since there’s never been any one remotely near me (no, that’s not true, there’s been at least one in Washington state that I thought of going to - but with that aside), I’ve never paid attention to how a Doper organses a 'Fest, or what people do at that 'Fest.

I suppose the first - and most important - question is, would anyone want to have an Alberta Dopefest?

You guys are killing me.

I’m serious. Between Calgary and Great Falls is a whole-lotta-nothin’. Give me a day and time, and I’ll be there.

Seriously: I did DopeFest Doha 2004. What’s that, you haven’t heard about it? Me neither. But it was one helluva solitary party. :smiley:

Really, I’ve got the itchin’ for some DopeFestin’.

I’d consider coming as well. Why not? Might be interesting.


How do you organize one?

Well… you basically do this. Post a thread asking who’d like to get together… ask when might be a good time… try to find someplace that’s somewhat central to where people are at and is easy to find.

That one Mr Pud mentioned I organized :slight_smile: I’m now in cowtown myself but the main reason for organizing the last one was cuz Cumber came up from Australia and I figured it’s as good a reason as any to get together.

It was told to me the person whose idea it was is the one who gets to plan. So your turn Standup Karmic!