New to the boards, of course, but I’m wondering if there have ever been doper meetups in Canada, specifically Western Canada, and most specifically Calgary?

Not sure how many cowtown members there are, but I’m new to the city and looking for ways to meet some people…

Hopefully this is the right forum.

We had a couple of doper meet-ups while I lived in Canmore (although I am a Calgarian, I was living in Canmore before I moved here to Baltimore). Calgary Dopers are generally a low-key bunch.

Alice In Wonderland is lovely. As is the ever-elusive Gut.

A few of us get to Calgary from time to time. I usually post when I’m heading home to visit (every summer for about a month).

Hello, Loooong time Calgary lurker checking in here.
When did you move here?(I’m pretty much a lifer - lived here for all but the first 8 months of my life).
I know that there’s a few other Calgarians here. perhaps a mini dopefest would be in order at some time?

I am easily lured with promises of food :slight_smile:

*waves at Gingy *

Hi! Next time I’m home, I will come see you. And there will be no teeny weenies.

Just wanted to say hi, and let me know when the Alberta Dopers are getting together. Dread Pirate Jimbo who is too cheap to buy a membership and I could swing by.

Give me advance notice to get a babysitter and I’ll be there :slight_smile:

I would be happy to come - I need a bit of notice because my schedule is a tad touch and go these days.

PS Gingy - get yer booty up here, you have GOT to see the new IKEA (it’s monolithic). :slight_smile:

I live in the land of conspicuous consumerism. I tend not to shop much when I’m home visiting - unless it’s for food that the stupid Americans don’t have. Stupidheads.

Where is it?

Yep–if anybody posts the “where and when,” I’ll try to be there too. As long as it’s not at the new Ikea store; it’s so big, we’d never find each other.

Ginger, it’s at Deerfoot Trail and Heritage Drive.

Ah. High River :wink:

But how do you really feel about it? :smiley:

In honour of your coming back, we could do a “theme” evening - we could all bring something uniquely Canadian - butter tarts, Nanaimo bars, Smarties, ketchup chips (or is it the dill pickle that 'Merkins don’t have?), we could all take our shoes off when we come in…

Everyone thinks its so far south, but it’s still well over 100 blocks *north * of me, and I’m still in the city. But I do love that new IKEA, though. We used to have Canada’s smallest (and first) IKEA to (IIRC) the biggest. Woo! Go Calgary!

As for the tasty theme night, there will be Big Rock Products, yes?

mad tomato scientist,
Extreme South Calgary Resident

I moved here in August, but I’ve pretty much been nose to grindstone with work since I arrived.

I second the idea of a get together… seems like a good way to meet some people in this city.

I’m sorry, I thought that was a given. :smiley:

Alright, you bastards. If there isn’t a Dopefest this summer when I’m home, there’s going to be hell to pay.

I want me some Grasshopper. And Ginger Beef.