How common are Recliners world wide?

Recliners are the perfect piece of furniture. Lie back and put your feet up after a hard day at work.

How common are recliners world wide? Would I find one in most of Europe? Germany, Italy, Greece or France? How about Asia? India, Japan, Korea? Middle east? Saudi Arabia, Israel, UAE? The Scandinavian countries?

a modern style

the classic recliner

You can find them throughout Europe, but I can tell you that in Spain they actually seem to be more common in store windows than in homes. Heck, since IKEA has them, you can find them in a ton of countries :smiley:

It’s one of those things that everybody knows what they are but an old-fashioned combo of armchair plus footrest takes up a lot less space and is a lot cheaper.

I hadn’t thought about IKEA. You’re right that would make recliners available in a lot of countries.

I just wondered if I’d find a dad in Norway or Germany in his recliner with the tv remote. I wasn’t sure if that was an American thing or not.

Common-as in Australia.

You see them in the UK, but I tend to think of them as something older people have. My gran had one. My parents (in their 60s) have them. I don’t, and not many of my friends do. (Maybe partly because we live in smaller homes, and recliners take up a lot of space.)

Common (although not particularly popular) in New Zealand. The original brand was Lay-Z-Boy(?) and it is associated with old folk.

I think you’re right; they’re targeted at older people in the UK, and they are probably fairly popular with the over-60 demographic.

However, I’ve got a Ligne Roset Petite Seiste which looked very at home in the über-modern flat we used to live in.

We’re now in a Victorian terrace, and although it looks just fine now it’s been re-covered in more appropriate fabric (it was charcoal grey, and is now in a bonkers, over-the-top William Morris-y fabric), there is truth in what you say about smaller room sizes. I can only just tilt it back to its full extent without the head-rest hitting the wall, and the foot-rest hitting the telly.

Here you go aceplace57, to help satisfy your curiosity of worldwide reclinerage, here’s a modern French designed recliner, covered in Victorian-inspired fabric, in a London house.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Yeah… I know it’s a bit of a mongrel, but I love it. I’ve had many happy hours in that puppy.

That’s an eye catcher Robdog. Looks comfy. :wink:

I didn’t have a recliner until my middle thirties. I’d relax lying on the sofa. I find that a recliner is more comfortable.