How common is post-menopause polyandry?

My girlfriend’s grandma, who died in 2013, apparently had a pair of boyfriends for 20 years or so after her husband died in 1976. One of her boyfriends was married, and his wife dated the other guy, too. I imagine this stuff happened a lot, but was rarely mentioned outside of the circle.

I’m wondering how many of those people had it going on for years, pre-menopause. A prominent politician from my hometown sort of meets the OP’s description, but she’s been the vertice of a V for decades. The arrangement was already in place when I was in high school and she was in her low 30s at the time.

I’ll preface this by stating I have known no polygamous couples unless you count a pair who had sex with anyone as long as drugs were included.

But… I could see an older woman having multiple older men as her gentlemen callers. They tend to only be good for one or two visits a week :smiley:

I’m “only” 45 but as much as I liked sex as a teen, a 20something, 30something and now…

Yeah, no… my hubby wouldn’t be into that even if he did have a strange dream about bringing home a second younger wife about a decade ago. I told him I hoped she liked doing housework.

If a women is attractive enough, even if older, she may be able to pull this off, but it seems like an atypical scenario since older men do not lack (demographically) for available older women. Maybe if she is a very sexual and skilled hottie this would be a thing, but it would (I think) be uncommon.

Is there something about Scottish culture that would promote these kinds of hookups? I kinda-sorta had the impression Scottish people were bit reserved and conservative in these things.

That’s what they WANT you to think…

We’ve all heard the joke about Angus the sheep-f***er.

What us 'Merkins never realized is that “sheep” is really a code-word meaning sexy grandma.

Angus was just one of many young men. The lady Scots be doin’ it large. :slight_smile:

But, on the other hand, they’re getting lucky with incontinent arthritic septuagenarians.

I mean, sex is great and all that, but I can see where I’d be wanting to grow old gracefully.

I have a married, poly, post menopausal friend who has several boyfriends/guys she dates. But it’s not real common among my poly friends.

Sorry, but I’m wanting to grow old disgracefully.

When I was 20 in college my idea of acceptable ages to date was 18 to 22. Now that I’m in my late 50s it’s 12 to 68. The way I see it, the odds on my getting a date have skyrocketed! :smiley:

12? Really?:dubious:

[Foghorn Leghorn]That’s a joke, son. Aahh say, that’s a joke![/Foghorn Leghorn]