How could anyone find this arousing? (Ridiculously non-worksafe links, and maybe TMI)

While reading another thread, I noticed a few posters talking about Dolcett’s Comics. (Not worksafe. At all.) I felt I had to see them for myself to prove they were actually real, and man, are they ever.

I’ve never had images put me so close to the edge of vomiting, and things didn’t get any better when I realized that there are people that actually find this kind of thing a turn-on. Not only that, but these fans are actually pretty articulate, which lends its own sense of unease. I would’ve rathered they’d been ranting lunatics.

I can’t–or at least really don’t want to–believe that there are people out there who think being impaled with metal spikes, cut in half with sawblades, spit roasted, electrocuted, beheaded, hanged and eaten are all dead (no pun intended… much) sexy.

My question is this: what makes someone into a Dolcett fan? What in the world would need to go wrong, developmentally, for someone to enjoy this sort of thing?

I can honestly say…

I live alone. No one else uses my computer. I must now “purge” the History/Cookies because there’s just something SO wrong about it being on there.

I have no clue what would make people enjoy this.

Mostly the shock value I would say. One forgets that pornography does not have to be sexually arousing. Something to chalk up on your long travels on the inet.

I’m waiting for the people who are going to come in and insist that “real Dolcett girls DO exist!!!” Because some cartoon artist says so, right.

I don’t see what is sexy about it myself but there are a lot of kinks out there that I don’t see the appeal of. This one isn’t half as gross as some I’ve come across - at least these are just comics.

Thats just… wrong!

I’ve seen enough of those run-through-with-a-spit scenes to last me the rest of my life…

Have you seen what is going on in Germany right now? I am convinced that there actually is no limit to the depravity of man.

I worked with a guy named Bernd Brandes, who’s was sexually driven to be killed and eaten.

If that can happen, being a Dolcett fan is possible.

Which is what Rhum Runner was talking about.

Whenever I get a really sick link like that, in my e-mail, and ask myself that same question, I have to remind myself, that if it is being produced, there is indeed a market.
And considering the amount of porn/erotica that’s being produced which is outside the mainstream (however we define that), means there are a lot of people out there with sexual preferences that I find very, very strange.

However. As long as it is consentual and laws are not broken, who am I to judge?

Well is it that so much different from the art of Hieronymus Bosch, or Giger, or Damien Hurst. Much less artistic, but examining the destruction or mutilation of the flesh is something that has allways happened in art. Not sexy though, and sexist if all the victims are female.

… and I couldn’t masturbate to a Dolcett comic if my life depended on it.

This is so very wrong. Colinmarshall, thanks for killing my sex drive right when my wife and I are trying to have a baby. You owe me a beer or three dickhead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

SeekingTruth: Sorry, man. On the plus side, if you need to go on a diet or something, you’ll always have that page to kill your appetite, too.

“Presenting the ULTIMATE DIET! Yes, we’ve spliced ALL of Dolcett’s spit-impalement scenes together into ONE BOOK! Now, when you’re feelin’ the jones for that Ben and Jerry’s you’ve got secreted away in the fridge, you’ll be able to DEFEAT the urge once and for all!”

I am reminded of a conversational exchange I once heard:

Girl: I know this Mormon woman once who said that her teachers told her that, whenever she felt the urge to masturbate, she should think of unsexy things like loved ones with gaping wounds.
Guy: But that’s what I think about when I do masturbate!

I haven’t clicked on the link, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some stuff similar to the idea. There are even some Japanese manga art featuring nekked girls turned into sushi plates and whatnot.

That said, I’ll just mention that a look at what passes for popular programming in prime-time TV convinces me that any kind of crazy idea will have somebody who enjoys it.

Gee, and I used to think I was pretty kinky…

I feel so vanilla right now.

I felt sick earlier today.

It got better.

…it just got a lot worse.


How could necrophelia be consentual? A will?

I presume the whole eating/being eaten thing is some sort of hyper manifestation of the desire for a lover’s surrender or the desire to surrender to your lover. Kinda like people find vampires sexy, I guess? I can grok the symbolic appeal.

I know there are cultures in which, when someone dies, you consume a small symbolic portion of their flesh, so that they can live on inside you. And, let’s not forget the Eucharist and the symbolic cannibalism there.

I’m not too squicked by the prospect of cannibalism under starvation conditions or ritual micro-cannibalism for ancestor worship or the symbolic cannibalism of the Eucharist.

So, I guess, in theory, I can see how someone could blow the whole ‘unity through surrender’ thing–where dying and giving up your corpse to be eaten is the ultimate surrender–way out of proportion and find it a turn on. But…


I was refering to things in general, that I find weird. Besides, in my country, necrophilia is illegal.