How cover nose ring for soccer?

My daughter’s best friend, who is also on the high school soccer team, just got her nose pierced. I told her they won’t let her play with the ring in, but she says she can cover it. Anyone know how that would be done?

Band Aid? There’s also silicone or bioplast retainers you can put in as well.

Can those retainers go in right after she got it pierced? She says they told her the steel ring can’t come out until it’s healed?

Found a couple small discussions of the subject here and here, FWIW.

Not-very-helpful WikiHow discussion here.

What makes the most sense to me is to either try and hide it with a Bandaid, or else take it out and re-do the piercing after soccer season is over. Then after it heals up, and she’s allowed to remove it at will, for next season she can use a clear plastic retainer.

Also explore the specific rules in her league about the wearing of jewelry during play, since they may vary and she may not have a problem after all.

The question is why did her parents allow her to get her nose pierced in the first place?

Nose piercings are unattractive beyond belief. Why not just wear a bone through your nose?

I had my nose done a week ago. I have a stud similar to this. Maybe she could go back to the piercer and request to have it changed to a low profile stud. They should be able to do it. Then it could be covered by a small band-aid if necessary.

Ah c’mon. Who wouldn’t want a wart on their nose that sparkles? :cool:

Do they make nose rings that look like warts?

“Hey, are you wearing a nose ring, that’s not allowed.”

“Why no, that’s just my wart thank-you-very-much.”

Who knows about her parents? But nose piercings have thousands of years of history in the E. Indian culture and I pierced mine to have some obvious, overt connection to my culture and to feel Indian even though I don’t look Indian.

I just wanted to make the point that not all of us do it as a fad. And I definitely don’t agree they are unattractive - on the right face, I find them lovely, and I like how mine looks.

They told me the same thing, but I switched mine out almost immediately and had no problems whatsoever. At this point, I’ve had it done for about 2 years (this December) and can now actually go days without anything in. If you wear a retainer that’s clear, most people never even notice it.

Perhaps they thought it would look nice. Maybe it’s a cultural tradition. Or they consider personal expression and independence a great and necessary thing. Could be they just want her to be happy and if this fits the bill…

These things don’t have to be permanent you know. As to wearing a bone instead? I’d have preferred a Buick, but they didn’t have one in the color I wanted.

Go back to sleep, Grandpa.

Thank you. I have my left nostril and left eyebrow pierced.

Oh yeah, and I’m going to get ink in a year or so.

Nyah, nyah.

Is this for safety reasons (I suspect so)? Then it might be best to play without the nostril screw or CBR. BaneSidhe suggests a silicone retainer, which if soft will perhaps make a shot to the nose no more painful than for someone without a piercing.

And of course, your daughter’s friend may have to purchase blindfolds for the easily offended. :rolleyes:

Best of luck to the recently pierced and to your daughter.

11811, septum pierced and stretched to 8 gauge.

News flash. What you consider unattractive is not a universal truth.

Many people, myself included, find nose piercings (both nostril and septum) very attractive. My Pelvic Affiliate had one nostril pierced when we met, and now has a septum piercing (but not the nostril). It’s fabulous!

And by the way, she does want to wear a bone through it. Well, she did, but then we found out that the bone she was going to use (extracted from my dead cat…don’t ask) was actually the penile bone. As much as she loved my cat, she didn’t want his pecker in her nose.*
So now she just wears a porcupine quill, and it kicks ass.

As for the OP, your daughter’s friend might find that covering the piercing isn’t necessarily a good idea. The reason for the ban is most likely a safety issue, and just a covering won’t protect the newly pierced nose. I’m going to second DDG’s recommendation of taking out the piercing and getting it redone after the season is over. Or, if she’s more attached to her jewelry than to her sport (I make no judgements), she may want to quit the team.
But a facial injury with a nosering involved could lead to permanent, and very dramatic scarring.

*hmm…I may have a new sig line.

I love this idea. Replace the ring with a stud that looks like a hideous wart. No one will dare say anything, let alone look at it very closely.

Nor you oh taker of both lanes of a 2 way street. Quite a few people find it unappealing because the nose is just a bad place to put jewelry. Some places on the body naturally lend themselves to acceptance more than others. A delicate ring in the eyebrow is much more appealing than a pierced eyelid.

But to the thread, This girl should remove the ring during practice and games and then put it back in (with some neosporene). Or better yet use non-piercing rings (spring tension design). But I suppose the really hip people would stick their nose up at this kind of jewelry.

Doesn’t making it look hideous defeat the purpose of jewelry?

I thought the point was to get through the soccer season without letting the piercing close up.

Jewelry is not allowed in soccer on general principle of safety. This was mainly done to keep people from getting caught in the jewelry, but there is a 99% no exceptions to this (some leagues will let you keep a simple wedding band on). Most refs will let you cover a new piercing with a bandaid that will keep it from getting tangled with anything.

I did get hit in the side of the head with a shot once, after having my upper ear (though the cartilage) pierced, and it hurt like a somfabitch. Of course it was a pretty heavy duty stud. I have, never, ever, before or since, been hit in that place with a soccer ball. I think soccer balls have a penchant for finding recent piercings, so woe be to thou with a Prince Albert…

I guess you forgot to read the second line in my post, which said “Many people, myself included, find nose piercings…attractive.”

I specifically worded it to express that it’s an opinion, and not a universal truth. So sorry, but I’m only in one lane.