How did I live without this???

So I was perusing the fine wares at Ebay, passing over useless doo dads, info of dubious credibility, and overpriced flim flam when my eyes were riveted by this.

“Oh my” I thought, fumbling for my credit card, how did I ever live without it! It not only solves that pesky back door problem I’ve had, I can keep it in the bathtub with me as well!

And it’s Windows compatible too!

It will be mine…oh yes, it will be mine.[/Wayne]

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Guess you’re still typing in your shipping info? :smiley:

Buy it now for $90.00!!!??? That’s great! I have my credit card ready right now!

Oh gosh, that’s as bad as all those K-Tel ads of the 1970s … help! Not those again! No! Nooooo …!
snicker, snort:slight_smile:

Nice! But not as good at this:

The auction is no longer there. What was it?

It was the Amazing Rock-O-Matic! No moving parts to wear out, windows compatible, able to keep doors open, papers in place and safe enough to bring into the tub with you!

Truly a wonder of modern technology:)

What? Someone’s trying to re-invent the pet rock?