How did that thread end?

I have been wondering about the end results on threads I have read.These threads have long since faded away and I missed the ending! There was the one about a piano that mysteriously appeared in someones living room or the thread about the vacation in the USA where one point was to see a squirrel. Was the squirrel seen? was the piano appearance ever explained? There have been other threads also.
What keeps you up at night?

I cannot answer your questions, but I empathize with your plight and will provide a bump. The piano thread was famous so I think somebody should know.

The piano thread was CairoCarol’s. Just went back and found the answer. I had missed it as well.

Wait. Someone came to the US to see a squirrel? You can see them as soon as you step outside of many major airports. That could make for a very short trip.

To see damn American squirrels you don’t even have to go to the US. They’ve come over to Britain, stealin our wimin… I mean red squirrels. They, er, are… for whatever reason the red squirells are now rare and it’s the American’s [squirrels] fault. Damn yanks.

My Japanese SIL had never seen a squirrel, for whatever reason. When she visited us and saw one, she was unimpressed. Said it looked like a rat with a furry tail.

Your Japanese SIL is a woman of keen intelligence.

Seriously I never knew they didn’t have squirrels in Japan. Ignorance fought.

Lobsang we will take back the squirrels if you take back the starlings and English Sparrows (you can have the pigeons too).

There are squirrels in Japan, but they are indeed a lot more rare than their American counterparts, at least in my experience comparing Boston/Orlando to the greater Tokyo area.

One I’ve wondered about is the poster who was gonna drop a dime on a friend’s (possibly) cheating spouse. Remember that one? OP’s friend would leave town for days at a time. According to the OP’s sister, who lived across the street from the friend, some guy stayed at the friend’s house all night when the husband was out of town. OP was going to talk to his friend’s brother about it.

I’ve always been curious about how something like that would work out, how the parties would react.

So what DO they have in Japan? I assume pigeons, but any other urban pest that eats your lunch and maybe some tree nuts and stuff? I’m sure those cute-ass snow monkeys don’t hang out in downtown Tokyo parks…

I remember that one … Now you’ve got me curious.

There was a thread a few years ago written by someone (I want to say an M-name, but I could be mistaken) who suspected that someone had drilled a hole in his gas tank and was stealing gas that way. The last post in the thread was fairly inconclusive.

This one would only be remembered by long-term Dopers, and then only by a few. I always meant to ask.

Remember a poster called Freak Freely? He was going to get the heck out of the horrible U.S. and move to Sweden where people were wonderful and they had cradle-to-grave social care. Some posters heckled him about his choice, and he got defensive. I didn’t keep up with the thread, and then a year or so later I’d read now and then about the “Freak Freely meltdown”. What happened? Did y’all heckle him into a state of incoherent squealing rage, or did he move to Sweden and wig out over there?

Anyone remember?

Did meenie7 ever decide to do anything about her ghost friend?

I was around for it and I remember it going down but I wasn’t directly involved in it. I think (and I just got caught by the 5 min wait time between searches so I can’t look it up right now) that FF actually joked about stalking someone and proceeded to defend himself against the ire it roused until he switched tracks and said it had all been a big joke. That only made the situation worse and that brought about the meltdown. Dunno what Sweden had to do with it (it’s pretty nice over here and I hate having to leave in order to apply for permanent residency) but I don’t think that was the main element.

EDIT (after search lock elapsed): Voila! The meltdown!

FreakFreely’s Just a Bit Cruel Quite a meltdown.

There was a thread where everyone was using a people search program to find addresses of people they’d lost touch with. Someone looked up her ex’s parents and sent them a letter telling them about the grandchild that they never knew existed. I don’t remember finding out what happened next.

I would like to know how one Pit thread ended: it was started by a young woman who was having an affair with her boss and the woman was irate because the man’s wife wasn’t cooperating and just letting him walk away. There was a pile on (me included) but I never did find out if she ended the affair or if the marriage ended etc.

Then there was one about a young male–can’t remember his name. The details are sketchy, but some thought he was a troll and others didn’t, but he got himself out of a corner (of his own making) by saying his little brother was either critically ill or dead–can’t remember. I always felt sorry for him (and his brother). Don’t know what happened to him.

Last one: a poster here either married or was engaged to someone his parents didn’t approve of. (Cello something?) He posted about his anger re his parents etc. Never did find out what happened there. Did they get married? Did the parents come around etc? No idea.

Are you thinking of START? I think that was his name. I think a lot of people may have thought he was a sock or something. I always liked him. His schtick was that he was a religious kid who had a lot of problems figuring life out - you know, “my friends steal at the drive through” and such. He came on one day and claimed his brother had died of an asthma attack. I don’t know, he wrote about it very movingly but I suppose it could have been a fake. We stopped seeing him when he said he had to move in with his dad, who was very strict.

Whew! I had no clue. That’s one heck of a meltdown. I wonder if he moved to Sweden or just into a psychiatric facility?

Thanks for the quote, hawthorne.