How did this get here?

Yesterday, I went to look at convertible car seats (child safety seats) at a Target in Naperville, IL. My sister-in-law had mentioned a specific seat that she saw on clearance at ‘her’ Target in the city, so I was on the lookout for it. For those that don’t know, the car seat aisles at Target have one shelf ~4’ high, with the display models on top and boxed seats below. I found the correct aisle and immediately saw two of the seats I was looking for on display, right next to each other, about 1/3 of the way down the shelf.

Rats, no clearance tag. I glanced around and saw that no other seats were on sale, either. ‘Well,’ I thought, ‘I might as well look at the seat I came for, in case it does go on clearance soon.’ I grab one by its side and rotate it on the shelf to see it in profile. When I do, a fly buzzes out and startles me. It wasn’t a normal housefly; more like a bulky mosquito. ‘Gross,’ I think, and push the seat back into place. As I pull my hand away, three more flies come out from between the seats. These are funny looking flies that I don’t remember ever seeing before and now there are 3 or 4 of them buzzing around. I’m wondering if there’s a flies’ nest back there or something, so I peer behi-HOLY SHIT, SOMEONE TOOK A DUMP ON THE SHELF! It was like out of a cartoon. A dollop of brown, semi-solid, pointy-on-top shit, just sitting on the shelf with 10 or 15 flies buzzing around it. Toddler sized. No, not the size of a toddler, but about the size that a toddler might make. It was so bizarre. There was no smell at all. No diaper, wipes, etc. Just shit and flies.

I found an employee nearby and told her. “Someone POOPED on the shelf?” I led her to the aisle and pointed from the end. She waited for some other shoppers to finish their browsing and warily made her way down there. She peeked. It was obvious when she saw It. She hustled back to the end of the aisle and called for a cleaner on the radio. Within a minute, two other curious employees (not cleaning crew) came to see. It was like kids on the playground. “I wanna see the doo-doo,” followed by, “Ewwwww!” Then, the discussion commenced. How long must it have been there? Did some kid get up there and take a shit on the shelf, hiding behind a seat for privacy? How else could it have gotten there? Why was there no smell, when it was obviously days old? When I left the section, the employees were still waiting on the cleaning crew, keeping guard at the ends of the poop aisle.

My son recently started working at Safeway. One of his first cleanups was an adult sized mound of poo someone had left on top of the big (25lbs? 50 lbs?) bags of rice. :confused::eek::mad:

Some people are just disgusting.

I think I first saw this on Tosh.0… a NSFW video of woman pooping in a grocery store aisle.

My husband stopped at a high-end (carpeted floors, olive bar, chandeliers) grocery store on his way home from work one morning and was forced to side-step to avoid a crap pile obviously of human origin in the middle of the carpeting a yard or two inside the front doors. There’s no way somebody didn’t witness it being, uh, placed there; the store was fairly busy at the time.

I drive past the Naperville Target every day! Was it the one on 59?

I shop at Meijer, though :smiley:

Yep, it was the one on IL 59. I haven’t lived in that area for 5 years, but I was getting my car’s emissions tested nearby.

During my 2.5 years at Home Depot there were at least two instances of someone pooping or peeing in a display toilet. I also had a lady with the walking shits walk all the way across my department with shit running down her leg. I got to clean that one up.

Carpeted floors at a grocery store? Doesn’t that make it hard to push the carts?

WRT toilets at Home Depot - the one near here may have learned their lesson as the display toilets are far too high up for anyone to safely contemplate using.

Surprisingly not. They are the Humvees of shopping carts, I guess.

Well, somebody’s emissions passed at Target!

David Sedaris says everyone who works in retail has a story about someone defecating in the store. I’ve heard him talk about it on public radio, but I’m not sure whether he’s put it into a written story.

And so the question remains, what are these people thinking? Are they really so socially inept that they can’t ask where the bathroom is? Or are they off the street and just want to crap someplace indoors?

Don’t Target/Walmart/Home Depot-type stores usually have public restrooms?

Well, he’s slightly wrong. I’ve worked a lot of retail, including Target, with no such poop stories.
Not even in restaurant work.

Thank OGG.

My question is, how does no one see them? I mean, it’s quite an ordeal to get your clothes out of the way, take the time to shit, clean up?, and then readjust said clothing. All while no one is anywhere around. Because surely, if anyone saw that, they’d either report them or video it for YouTube.

What did they do with the bag of rice, I wonder??? Clean it off and leave it there, throw the whole thing out? Dumpster divers beware!

I was riding on a bus once and saw one big, huge, well formed, fine mess on the floor under the seat in front of me. Not way in the back, but close to the front, on the aisle seat. A bus that shuttled suburban office workers to and fro, not a bus full of homeless bums who just ride around all day.

Ha ha, yes! Telling someone about it is the best part. What would Ms. Manners say is the proper way to inform someone that there’s poop where there should not be poop?

I once found droppings inside of the bathroom, and no, not in the toilet bowl or even close to it. There was a solid log just lying in the middle of the floor. I was so WTF’d by it, that I couldn’t use the john. I had to come out and tell the manager, “Uhm, someone uhh, in the bathroom there seems to have been an accident.”