How did this tradtition start?

The tradition of couples having songs, as in “They’re playing our song?”

For me, this means a song that you both remember and like, from early on in the relationship, maybe from being played on the radio or somesuch.

In my case when I hear “our” song, it immediately gives me pangs of sorrow, because it reminds me of the good times we had together before it all went sour.

I’m not bitter. :slight_smile:

Thank you samarm but that’s not exactly what I’m looking for.

It seems as though many couples have songs like nations have anthems. When I stopped to really think about it, it just seemed like such a weird concept. And one that I know has been around for quite sometime. Although I can’t give any precise data I defiantely seem to remember it being referenced in television shows and movies from long before my time. I was wondering who first thought to have a song? Where did this start? Did it coincide with the coming of the phonograph? The radio? Or did it somehow manage to predate even going them back to the earliest days of mass produced sheet music?

This is just a WAG but in the days before reading and writing was common, a lot of info was passed around via song and I would venture to guess that there’d be a songs made up about a couple’s wedding, and perhaps a “singing telegram” of sorts to let a lady know her man was ok while out at war and lots of other reasons to have a song specifically for and about two people in love.

Hmmm, that doesn’t sound quite right.
This sounds like a job for … Cecil! Or at least one of his aides.

That’s because they do… sort of.

A common wedding tradition is the “first dance,” where the newlyweds start off the reception by dancing together. They choose an appropriate song for this - sometimes a song they enjoyed together before, sometimes the tune that was playing when they met, but most often just the current sappy love song (lord knows how many people have used “My Heart Will Go On”).

This song essentially becomes the “anthem” of their marriage, and is referred to as “their song.”