How did you do on this simple quiz?

Ten questions about the PPACA.

8/10, and I am utterly clueless about what’s going on in health care. I know there’s a big kerfluffle, that’s about it.

9/10, despite knowing almost none of the specifics of the plan. I guessed the answers based on it pretty much being a recycled Republican health-care plan.

10/10, Just guessed the way I hoped it would work

No one is more suprised than me.

9/10. The one I missed: “4. Will the health reform law expand the existing Medicaid program to cover low-income, uninsured adults regardless of whether they have children?”

Was that the part that was struck down by the supreme court?

Yup. Or, to be a bit more precise, each state will decide whether or not they want to expand Medicaid. The bit which forced states to do this was struck down.


7 out of 10. WooHoo!

woo hoo! 10/10. If I heard it on Fox I guessed the opposite!

I did not know about the tax credits for small businesses offering health insurance though.

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It seemed like a lot of softball questions to get the participant invested in reading their spin.

Same here, more or less (with a nod to political expediency on the topic of “illegal immigrants”)

10/10. But I have been following it rather closely.


9/10. I missed number 4 because I didn’t know if those people were going to be covered specifically through an expansion of Medicaid. It could have been through another scheme instead.

I haven’t been paying much attention and am Canadian so have no skin in this. Most of my answers were deductions. It’s disappointing that I did better than 97% of Americans.

Emtar, I can see how it would be softball questions. The percentages of Americans who accurately answered the questions would be a lie, then?

9/10 and I haven’t been following the issue at all. I’m not American and don’t live there. Some of the questions were worded in a way that made the answers obvious and others just made sense.

The one I got wrong was the first question. I assumed there would be ramifications for not taking out health insurance, but I’m surprised it’s a fine - I was thinking maybe an additional tax levy or something.

It is, according to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

10/10. Just good guesses on most of them

10/10. Considering the source of the quiz, the right answers were obvious (I knew them anyway).