How Do All You Dopers Picture December?

December is, how shall I put this, one of our most outspoken members.

That is to say, he is a gifted ass. As opposed to all those ungifted asses who don’t read the SDMB.

But what do you think he looks like?

In my imagination, he is white (very), with a long white beard, & bald on top. About 85 years old, or so.

Nobby knees.

Liver spots.

He sits around his house in a dirty old white (not very) bathrobe, alternatively scratching himself (we won’t say where, much less why), writing scathing letters to the “National Review”, which accuse George Will of being a secret Jane Fonda Liberal, posting on the SDMB whilst cackling madly, & racing to the window to scream at the local kids to “GET OFF MY LAWN!”

Which is odd, because the lawn is dead. He bought this great house, really cheap, right next to the toxic waste dump. Npne o’ that pinko environmentalism for him!
**So, what do you think he looks like? ** ;j

Snowy. With Christmas trees at the end.

Do you have so much free time that you can’t even take something from a current GD thread with which to Pit december? You have to go finding random shit?

Let’s put the shoe on the other foot. What do you, dopers, think Bosda di’Chi of Tricor looks like?

Remarkably like Clint Howard.

Like a giant inflamed asshole?

Random insults aside, I’ve always gotten along with you before Bosda, but this is one of the more disgusting pit thread ideas I’ve had the misfortune to read. You wanna attack something he said? Fine.

But to do a “Hey everyone! I’ve got a low self-esteem, so let’s find someone we can make fun of for no reason in particular” thread is beneath you.


First, what December looks like: In my mind he is 35-40 years old and looks similar to Dennis Miller, except more serious looking and clean shaven. I don’t know why I have this in my head though…
As for Bosda di’Chi of Tricor, the name brings images of a leader of the “critters”. I think it’s the “of Tricor” that makes me invision a space-alien creature.
*I do want to mention that my mental images of these two particular dopers aren’t really based on their posting/writing styles, but mainly on their names and the mood I am in tonight.:smiley: *

I always think of him as a “grandfatherly” sort of man. I see him sitting in a comfortable chair, carefully composing posts/threads, in slacks and nice shirts. I never think of him as somebody deliberately starting crap…really.

I guess I don’t see him the way everyone else does…his posts are no more outrageous than some others I’ve read on here. I like hearing his, as well as everyone else’s opinions here.

I never see him as the jackass he’s portrayed or thought of by some here. Sure, he might not be speaking what everyone wants to hear, but there are many other people here that do that, as well. I enjoy hearing their points of view…whether I agree with them or not. I also think, many times, his posts are not received well simply because he doesn’t write things as well as he could probably say them. I don’t know this, as I don’t know him…but every time I see someone going off on him, I always think he simply doesn’t convey in text what he’s really talking about.

I could be wrong about this. Wouldn’t be the first time! :slight_smile:

I think that’s the whole point of this message board. december may not have everything right, or figured out, or whatever, but I appreciate his thinking, just like everybody else’s. He may not be right every time, but neither is anybody else.

I like him. Even if he’s bashed to death once a week on these boards, I’m happy he’s still here.

Damn you, Eutychus. I was gonna say that.

December, I have always pictured as an brain in a vat in a room with National Review wallpaper, with a mind-controlled assistant who types in whatever he says! Muhahaha!

Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor, I have always pictured this.

Go figure.

Erm…there was supposed to be a :wink: after the “asshole” comment.

I blame the hamsters.

I rarely agree with what he says or the logic he applies. However, I don’t feel good about a thread which gets so personal and solicits unkind speculation on his appearance.

I know he can be frustrating, Bosda, but don’t let that frustration make you mean-spirited.

I know nothing whatever about him, but his name alone always conjured up images of some long-haired, 27-year-old gamer who lives with his parents and whose sex life consists solely of masturbation.

december, on the other hand, has such a boring name that I have no mental picture of him at all.

I suppose if we take my psychoanalyzing thing full circle, my OWN name indicates I am obsessed with either my penis or my tongue. :wink:

I’m posting here because I think post-privileges may get revoked if a username doesn’t show up in a december-pitting now and then. I reread the guidelines, but the exact ratio doesn’t show up there–could someone on the staff make sure it’s spelled out? Thanks.

At first I thought December was female, and apologized for implying that she dwelt a little too long on the Clinton blow job in one of his well mannered rants about all things liberal.

I agree that this is plain mean spirited. And even though many of December’s views leave me with the unsettling feeling that the jack boots are about to come busting through my door…his posts and replies are always well thought out and thoroughly researched.

I do have the feeling though that he prays to a gold plated Buddah in the form of Rush Limbaugh