How do I avoid a holiday hangover?

With regard to the above named article I thought I’d submit a theory. I cannot, sadly, verify this in its entirety but I think it has a ring of truth to it.

A friend of mine has a degree in Brewing and Distilling. When I was bleating about a hangover one day, he quoth, “hair of the dog” to which I scoffed a little, mainly because I was in no position to keep anything beyond dry toast in my stomach. Despite my fragility, he launched into the chemistry of the myth.

He believed that the severity of a hangover boiled down to the types of alcohol in a given beverage and the quantities thereof. Reputedly there are different types, such as methanol, phenol and ethanol. Each, he said, had a different molecular length, and your body turns to the most complicated or lengthy first. Ethanol is among the more complex, but wood alcohol, methanol, is one that makes you feel grotty. Hence - top up your ethanol, buy a little more time to get water and salts into your body.

Any possibility there is truth in this?

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Methanol is generally classified as out-and-out poison. Drinking it in any amount is a stupid and dangerous thing to do. Phenol (also known as carbolic acid) is also quite toxic, although it is the active ingredient in Cloraseptic© spray.

In addition to what John W. Kennedy said, Phenol would be the most complex (or at least the biggest molecule) of the 3, so are you suggesting drinking phenol to get rid of a hangover?:eek:

In one way he was correct. Ethanol take precedence over methanol. That is why people who have, for some reason, drunk methanol are kept in a state of ethanol inebriation until the methanol has disappeared from the body.

A little more from wiki:

The question appears to be that during the fermenting process, while generally creating ethanol, does it also leave trace amounts of methanol in the beverages? If so, which are more prone to it, and under what conditions?

Also, does the “grotty” feeling come from methanol in your drink, or can ethanol cause that “grotty” feeling on its own?

This page states that the cause of hangovers and that grotty feeling is the acetaldehyde, the first component of alcohol metabolism.

They also discuss “glutamine rebound”:

This suggests that ethanol itself is sufficient.

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Cecil’s Article

FWIW my informants tell me medical professionals turn up to inhale an hour’s pure oxygen at the hospital, which will apparently remove the symptoms of the hungover.

I don’t see how pure oxygen can get rid of Vitamin B deficiency and dehydration, which are the main causes of a hangover.

I might believe dehydration, but how can Vitamin B deficiency be one of the main causes of a hangover? Are you suggesting alcohol quickly destroys the Vitamin B in your body?

I have very low amounts of Vitamin B in my body pretty much all the time (yes, I know I should be supplementing my diet). I am not continually hungover.

No, I’m saying that Vitamin B is used by the liver to process the alcohol out of our systems. Water is also used the same way. Replacing it before you pass out along with a huge glass of water are some of the best ways to keep a hangover from happening. I don’t know why a greasy breakfast works when you actually have a hangover, but that works often times too.

****believe it or not good old oxegen works the best. Once while partying all night, we had a 2 hour drive ahead of us. Sitting in the back seat, feeling like I was hit by a max truck, I hung my head out the window. With all the air blowing up my nose. by the time I got home, I was fully cured.Guess it just oxengenated my blood. but it works. Try laying with a fan blowing in your face. Same differance.

I didn’t scroll up to read this thread, but oxegen does work. elieve me, you are speaking to one who tried it.