how do I change the size of internet windows?

How can I change the size of the windows that open up when I use my internet. For instance, when I open an email it comes out way too long for the screen and have the message is cut off. The same thing happens when I use my messenger.


Open a browser. Make sure it’s not maximized. Resize it to the size you want. hold ctrl, close the browser (with the x in the top right corner)
(ok so my french is crap)

(Oh, and you can let go of ctrl after you’ve closed the browser.)
In hindsight I may have misunderstood your OP. if so, at least I’ve given out a useful tip.

Or resize the window then do file->close.


Click on and drag lower right hand corner to size desired.
You can not see all of a really long email,but you should be able to scroll up and down.

If you’re talking about popup windows that appear to be non-resizable, you can magically make them resizable, at least in Windows.

Hit f11 (works in both IE and Firefox) to make the window fullscreen. Then hit f11 again to shrink it back down. The window will now let you grab its edges and resize it.