How do I create links in posts as others do?

I want to excel at using this site but am unaware of how to post appropriately. been receiving negative feedback. Please help:D:p;)

This is how to link to Ron’s Slip and Slide Extravaganza.

Right click and copy your link.
Highlight the title you wish to link to, and select the icon above which resembles a globe with a chain link in front of it.
A prompt will appear at the top of your page.
Erase the http prompt and paste your link.
Hit okay.

Welcome to the SDMB, chiefwhitesr. We’ve got a separate forum for questions About This Message Board, so I’ll move your thread there.

twickster. MPSIMS moderator

If you have Firefox there is an add-on that creates simple copy paste links in BB code, among other things. Can’t remember what it’s called. If you use Firefox we can look it up for you. Perhaps CoLT 2.5.1?

If you just paste the link, it will be usable so don’t be embarrassed to just do that if you can’t remember how to make it all pretty. For example:

But if you want to mention a link mid-sentence, you’ll want to use the [noparse][/noparse] tags. Here’s an example showing how they work:

When you do that, you’ll get something that looks like this:

Easy-peasy. Don’t be afraid to just try them out – you can always preview your post to make sure it looks right before you submit it .

You are also allowed to post test threads in this forum, About This Message Board, if you want to try out different things such as making links, polls, or spoiler tags. That way you can practice them so as to get the hang of them.

Another tip: Whenever you see another poster do something you’d like to learn, hit the “Quote” button and you’ll be able to see the code they used.

Another way to do it:

See the little icon above the text screen that looks like a globe with a link of chain on it? Highlight what you want to become a link, then click that icon. A popup window should appear, where you paste in the website URL you want to send people to. Done.


This is google


You can do the above, or, if you’re lazy like me and use Firefox simply use this add-on: Make Link…for, well, yeah, links.

And if you want to code all sorts of stuff, just use this one: BBCode

Hint: after you install, just highlight & right click to get to the goodies.

Go nuts.

ETA: Like this