How do I delete this?

I have a program on my computer called “Forget me not Reminders”, and it always pops up and is really annoying. I’ve searched everywhere for it so I can delete it, but it must be under another name because I just can’t find it anywhere. Any suggestions??

First step.

Assuming windows as your OS.

Open the control panel and find the item called “Add/Remove Programs”. If the program was well written it put an uninstall entry in the list you will find in there. Highlight the program name and click the “Add/Remove” button in the lower right.

If it isn’t in there, we will have to get trickier.

I did a quick search and it might be “remind.exe”. You might give that a try.

I figured it out! It wasn’t listed by it’s name because it was part of another program (Create a Card). It’s long gone now :slight_smile: