How do I find out what link I shared?

Apparently I just earned a “First Share” badge, without realizing that I’d shared something. Now, I do recall replying to a number of posts and quoting said posts in my response; however, I do not recall the first share. I looked in my activity report, but no joy there either.

So, how do I find out what it was I shared and when and how shared?

Go to your profile, click on badges, then click on the desired badge to see what post it refers to.

ETA: Looks like a faster way is to click on the hamburger menu (the three lines on the upper right) and click on badges, then click the desired badge.

That shows everyone else who has that badge as well - bit of a pain when there are several thousand … !
(Happy birthday btw)

Ah, I didn’t notice that.

The first method does list only your badges.

and thanks!

But that also means you can use that as a first level estimate of the number of users.

Several of the badges have been awarded more than 10,000 times. That shows the size of the community over the last two years of Discourse. First emoji is over 20,000 and “First” has to mean unique users. Our community is more sizable than I would have thought.

Down the bottom of that list … Basic Trust Level award : 129719 !!

Yeah, but that’s presumably everybody who’s come on even once. The badges that show participation and interaction are more telling.

I tried the first one. The odd thing is I don’t even remember reading the post it took me to, let alone quoting or sharing it. Oh, well.

Doesn’t seem worth starting up a new thread about, so I’ll bump this one, which seems about the closest, plus the above post may be relevant:

I just got a “first share” badge – and I’'m about 99.9% sure that I didn’t actually share anything. What I do remember doing is actually hitting “share” when I meant to click on something else on the page, and then just closing the share window, or page, or whatever it is that comes up, without doing anything further about it.

I don’t appear to have ever shared anything, so i’ll try that (hit “share” then cancel)…

… still no first share badge.

I think mine didn’t show up till the next day.

Still nothing.
Must be something else…


Maybe Discourse doesn’t do badges on holidays. Or there’s some other sort of random badge glitch.

Or maybe I somehow did accidentally share it. I wonder who with, if so; and how confused they were about it.

wait a minute! I just remembered – I emailed a link in that thread to myself, in order to easily listen to it on another device a couple of days later. I don’t think I did it using the share function – I think I just copied a link to the post and pasted it into an email – but maybe somehow Discourse knows that I did that; or maybe I did do it using the share function.

So the answer seems to be, I shared it with myself, and I sure am confused about it. Sorry about that!

I’ll try that and report back …

Ok. I tried the share thing… sent links to my email addresses and … nothing.
Oh well, perhaps we shall never know.


Yeah, I’ve got nothing else to try.

I’ll just put it in the sizeable “Computers are weird” pile.