How do I get my swimming goggles to fit right?

My goggles always let water in!

I try and tighten them… water gets in.
I try and loosen them… water gets in.
I try and press them so hard into my face that my eyes feel they could be sucked out… but that sucks, literally.

Lately I’ve tried to make sure there is equal pull on either side and that helps, but still I can feel just enough water getting in that it annoys me horribly!! It’s so distracting.

Any fool-proof methods for this swimmin’ fool?

Keep me posted on this thread. As I bought a pair of swedish goggles and three days later, impaled them on a stake, set them on fire and posted them in my front lawn as a warning to other swedish goggles that might dare come near me.

Damn things.

Try different kinds. There are the Swedish ones, ones with rubber gaskets, ones with foam gaskets, smaller ones, bigger ones. Most packaging at the stores allow you to open them up, so check a bunch out.

The way I’ve tried them at the stores is to push them up against my face while facing straight down. Push them in hard enough to squoosh the air out, then let go and lift your head so you’re facing forward. A good fit will stick on for at least a few seconds.

In other words, the only thing the elastic should be there for is to keep them from getting knocked off. Basic fit and water-tight seal should be from the eyecups fitting your eye sockets perfectly. Most of the stores I’ve been to have a shoebox full of different types to try out.

I could never find a good pair of goggles in my swim team days. The only thing that worked was a pair of swedish goggles, and I had to fiddle with the bridge strap for a couple of hours before it was perfect. Use good tough nylon string, so that it won’t stretch when it’s wet. Make sure your knots are as tight as you can get them, and even think about melting them slightly to ensure that they won’t budge.

Good luck.

Jesus, jarbabyj, is that why my GØGGLES came home from their walk so soon and hid under the bed for half an hour? I was afraid the neighbor’s cat had gotten after them again.

I guess I owe them an apology.

Now that’s funny. God, I hate them things, too. I’m so jealous of others who have goggles that seem to fit and not feel like torture devices. Even scuba masks really hurt my face. My husband wears cheap goggles he gets at Walmart and has no problems.

I’ve had the best luck with TYR goggles. I’ve found that those Barracudas and Swedish are no good, at least for me.

Make sure that the strap goes around near the top of your head, angling down at a 45 degree angle to the eyes. Do not put the strap on the same plane as your eyes.

No matter what you do, expect some water leakage, unless you make them so tight you get red circles around your eyes.

There’s only one way - trial and error, and being willing to buy a whole load of goggles till you find a pair that fits you properly. I think I’d tried about fifty different types over ten years of competition swimming before I finally found a pair I was truly happy with. Then I bought a dozen pairs, just in case they discontinued them.

That’s just me though - the problem I have is I have large eyes, and goggles work best for people with small eyes or quite deep sockets. Most of my swimming buds swear by Sweedo’s ‘godrey’ style, which they seem to find comfy and have the advantage of being dirt cheap (@ $4).

One other thing

If your goggles are leaking, even a little, they just aren’t sitting right. I knew I’d found the right pair when I no longer got any leakage, even after an hour of lengths, without feeling tight.

Anyway, I’m off to the pool.