How do I get rid of "manboobs"?

I’m not overweight at all, if I lost any weight I would actually be skinny. The only fat part on my body is my “manboobs” - I am really self-consious about them and cannot take off my shirt at the beach. Any exercises or diet changes I can use? Most men seem to get fat in the gut, I get it in my breasts.

You may have a condition known as gynecomastia, in which a man develops breasts to a certain degree. This has to do with hormone levels; you may want to talk to your doctor about this to determine for sure.

There is always liposuction if you’re totally stuck. Best of all, you’ll finally get to see your pecs! :wink:

Per Incubus if you are otherwise in good shape and not fat I think liposuctioning your “man boobs” would be the best plan. Make sure you get a qualified surgeon though. There are quite a few docs not really qualifed to liposuction hanging shingles out all over the place.

Now where do you want the “boob” fat re-injected?:wink:

also see Gynecomastia - Correction of Enlarged Male Breasts
Hmmmm… that man has a cute little rack.

another site of interest re gynecomastia

sigh… thanks for the links. Looks like that is what it is, and surgery is the ONLY option - according to everything I have read. This really sucks since I have already had 2 operations in the past year dealing with other things wrong with me, and I’m only 19.


I had it on one side and had a mastecomy (did not worry about plastic surgery, also may effect insurance). Now when nurses ask “Have you had any operations?”, I know they are going to think my answer is “Vasectomy”. :rolleyes:

While you can’t specifically reduce fat in one location (through excersize), you can increase muscle mass which may help your situation. I know nothing about gynecomastia, but before considering surgury I’d explore all options, and since that is really what you asked for here’s my suggestion.
An excersizes that you may want to try is any type of bench press (incline, decline or flatbench) to add muscle mass to your chest. If you dont have access to any workout equipment try push-ups which can also add some size or at least give some shape to what you already have. Most important things about excersize is to use correct form and be consistant. If you are not familiar with correct technique ask someone for help so you dont injure yourself…
good luck

Looks like you’re getting some good advice. To add to what Amfet said, performing “butterflies” on a bench in varying states of inclination is a good exercise to help define your chest. If you don’t want mass but do want to tone, do lots of reps with less weight. As your strength begins to increase, try and add even more repetitions instead of more weight.