How Do I Get Rid Of These Man-Boobs?

The rest of my body is slim and athletic but for some reason I have flabby boob-like tissue on my chest! I also seem to have larger than average nipples.

What the HELL is causing this? How do i get rid of it?? Are there any excercises that would help me reduce the affected areas??? Would changing my diet help in any way???


You’ve got access to boobies 24/7? You lucky SOB!

if you are slim and athletic (I HATE you), the answer is:

you were born that way

see a plastic surgeon, if it is worth the time, trouble, and expense.

I’m sure I wasn’t born this way. It started happening when I was a teenager. Before then, flat-chested.

there is a medical term for this condition but i can’t remember what it is. i worked with a guy who had the same situation and read up on it, but that was ten years ago.

i would check google search engine, type in “male breasts,” or something similar.

It’s called gynecomastia. There’s some info here:

I believe the medical term is “gynomastia”. Some bodybuilders on steroids get this condition, when the excess testosterone in their system converts to estogen, and gives them what they call “bitch tits”.

Maybe you are an athletic, slim woman with normal breasts. Ever think of that?

Ever think that a cruel, smart-ass, response to someone’s obvious pain isn’t appropriate and violates SDMB Rule #1: “don’t be a jerk”?

What gives you the right to try for a cheap laugh at someone’s pain?

A couple years ago, I read a statistic that 2 of 5 people getting breast reduction surgery were men.

Surprised the hell out of me.

Might be the way to go, but it is traumatic surgery–much more difficult than liposuction.

Maybe you should work on your pects. Maybe strong pecs will straighten out your man booby-ness and make you look buff.

Glilly is correct. One of our morning trivia services posed the question “What plastic surgery is performed the most on U.S. men?”
The correct answer was breast reduction.
Well, hey, you’re in a big crowd.

Aren’t all cheap laughs based on someone else’s pain?

I’ve gotta go with tsunamisurfer here.

Well there are cases of gender misidenitity. Depending on hormone levels during fetus development you could have the sex organs of one gender (male) but actually have the genes of the other (female - XX). Unlikely but it does happen. I would think that you would be having err, umm other problems if that were the case too.

tsunamisurfer- “*Ever think that a cruel, smart-ass, response to someone’s obvious pain isn’t appropriate and violates SDMB Rule #1: “don’t be a jerk”? *”

I’m gonna give DPWhite the benefit of the doubt and assume he must have interpretted “man-boobs” to refer to a woman with a man-like chest, rather than a man with a woman-like chest.

For the record, I am 100%- err, um 98% MALE.

But I definately DO have gynecomastia, although it’s not as bad as some of the guys in OneChance’s link.

Do (or did) you smoke pot? Exposure to marijuana is one possible cause of gynecomastia.

Any sources on this? Sounds like an urban legend…

“Hey, my friend’s cousin’s nephew’s roomate’s ex-girlfriend’s brother smoked weed… AND THEN HE GREW BOOBIES!!!”

My apologies fellow dopers, I thought the original post was yanking our chain. And I have to agree about humor: all of humor is at someone’s expense, usually a misunderstanding. So, don’t laugh or find any humor amusing, because you are being a vampire off of someone’s pain. (Not my original theory, Robert Heinlein’s). Remember, guys, no laughter.

And as a 235 pound 6 foot fellow, I’m enough in the club, so there. It’s not like we lose sleep over fatty deposits or male pattern baldness.

Well, I remembered it from hight school health classes so I looked it up and found support in medline’s medical encyclopedia.
Here’s my first ever attempt at a link.