Losing man boob fat while not getting droopy

Hi is there anything that can be done when trying to lose man boob fat to prevent them from becoming droopy when the fat is lost? I want them to be perky. (maybe even surgery is a possibility…)

Im assuming the droopiness is from excess skin after weight loss. This can certainly the case with the stomach after weight loss. A surgical procedure can be done on the stomach. I assume it can be done on the chest too.

I wonder if anything can be done to the skin to make it tight - besides surgery…

Won’t the skin rebound to normal tightness in all but the very severe cases?

I think it depends on how long the fat has been there - if it hasn’t been there long like in the case of pregnancy it can go back to how it was.

If your weight loss results in droopy skin that doesn’t stop drooping fairly quickly surgery is the only remedy. So if you’ve still got floppiness where you man-boobs were a year later the only cure is seeing a surgeon.

Does skin ever “rebound?”

Muscled guys–not just Mr Universes, but ex-gym rats–who stop training show sags, don’t they?

There’s no guarantee that the man boobs will even go away with weight loss, depending how much of the gain in breast size is due to obesity vs hormones – see gynecomastia. Surgery is an option, of course, it’s called mastectomy. It’s quite similar to breast reduction surgery commonly obtained by large-bosomed women.

It also depends on how long you have been there. Younger skin tends to be more elastic. As you get older, not so much.

This. The older you are, the less elasticity your skin has. After a certain point, the skin will just remain its current size, and fat reduction will result in drooping. It you lose weight at the age of 20, your skin will shrink back. At 70, not.