How do I get rid of MSN Explorer?

Ever since I got cable, MSN Explorer won’t leave me alone. It will pop up at random, frequent intervals and me to input a password. I have noticed though that MSN’s appreance seems to coincide with my browser’s randon conversion to “Work Offline” mode. I am stumped as to why my browser frequently does that.

Anyways, I’ve tried uninstalling MSN Explorer, but the damn program won’t even show up on my “Add or remove programs” list. So what can I do? Am I stuck with this god-forsaken program forever? Thanks.

Hmm, I had an old version of MSN explorer (before you had to pay for MSN service to use it), and I uninstalled it from “Add/remove programs”.

Perhaps you need to install it again, for it to show up properly in the “add/remove programs” menu.

Well, I tried reinstalling it, but the horrid device still doesn’t show up on my add/remove list.

If you’re using Windows XP then it shows up in the Windows Components section of Add/Remove Programs, not the main list.

Ahh, thanks, I found it…But how do I remove MSN Exploroer? When I clicked the checkbox and clicked “Next” it seemed to just reinstall the thing.

Turns out I had to uncheck the check boxes to remove MSN. That was more confusing that it needed to be. Oh well, at least now I can live a happy life, MSN free.

Except for that whole Windows XP thing.



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