How do I get some Java?

For my computer. Not to pour on the keyboard, though.

I assume you are interested in Java development. I haven’t done any Java coding in awhile but your question was looking a bit lonely. J++ comes with Microsquish Visual Studio. I haven’t used it yet so I don’t know how compatible it is with Sun Java. Check some of the Java books, many come with a development kit on CD.

A point in every direction is like no point at all its free…

Oh, also free there is Sun Star Office, around 70meg download, its equivalent to MS Office.

I only found
and it confused me. I don’t want some platformdevelopmentkitjargonclientperformance, just give me the simplest java softwarwe

You might try:

If nothing else, you can get free downloads of scripts.

Your request is confusing, Sunbear. Java is a programming language, not an application. What do you want: a particular piece of software, or the ability to write software with java?

I just need “java enabled” according to this one page and my kid wants to play some game. Java is not ever an application?

Duh, I don’t know this stuff!

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Simply put, Java is a interpreter (program) that allows text based scripts from remote sites to execute on your machine. These scripts perform animations, games & annoying advertisements without regard to your host operating system. That is as long as it is running Java. This provides ‘some’ measure of Hardware/Operating system independence, similar in concept to HTML for the text & graphics on web pages.

JavaSCRIPT is an interpreted script. Java is an object-oriented programming language. They bear little resemblance to each other aside from the name.

If you just want to be able to use a ‘java enabled’ web site, just make sure that you have your security settings correct for your web browser, and it should all happen pretty much transparently. There are two different things you may have turned off. One is Javascript, and the other is the ability to download and run Java Applets. Both options should be somewhere on your security menu in your web browser.

If you’re having problems with the web site, tell us what they are and maybe we can help further.

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What I should have said was that the Java compiler outputs a bytecode for use by the consumer of the code. The consumer (i.e. Your PC) can either interpret this bytecode or compile it for execution on your machine. I had forgotten that JavaSCRIPT was another animal entirely, and probably transposed my forays with TCL/TK into the Java world.

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Security custom settings:Scripting of Java applets is enabled. I Use IE5. I guess I have to go to that page and tell them their Java junk doesn’t work for me.Thanks.

Oh, great confuse us. There is really a java add on for those browsers that need it.

But IE & Netscape have it already. For Netscape, edit:preferences:advanced:enable java

sunbear, sounds like you didn’t download the virtual console for IE5. Try running setup, then “customize” to see if you got it or not. If not, install it.

As has been pointed out your browser comes with Java, but it isn’t always enabled.

If you want the latest version of Java but don’t want the development kit you can download just the Java Runtime Engine (jre) from Sun’s Java site.

It’s a little tricky to get things pointing to the new version you download, however. (Hint: If you don’t know where to find it, you probably don’t know enough to change your classpath to point to it.)

IMHO, if you have done any programming at all it’s worthwhile to learn Java. There is an excellent tutorial available from Sun and there are all sorts of development tools available for free! The best deal on software development I’ve ever seen is on right now – download Oracle 8i Enterprise edition absolutely free. It includes a full up Oracle database and scads of development tools including JDeveloper 3.0 – the brand new release of their Java IDE. If you only want the Java tools just download JDeveloper. The only drawback is that these are big applications and require lots of disk space and memory, but if you’ve got the hardware and need the tools, you can’t beat the price. (They do require you to actually purchase a license if you’re going to distribute/sell your developed applications or sell your database services.)

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Most of the sites I have run across, if you try to load something it will tell you, “Sorry your browser isn’t Java compatable.” Then it tells you where to go to be Java compatable.