How do I get to post #x?

i notice some people are so talented at linking, they not only link to the thread they are referring to, they link to a specific POST, by number.

How does one even know what number a post is, much less link to it?


Here’s a good explanation.

Stoid, it’s a 2 step process.

First you have to find the postid# for the post you want to link to. You can hover over the “quote” or “edit” icon or the “IP logged” link. The postid# will be at the end of the URL that shows on the status line at the bottom of your browser. If that doesn’t work, click the “IP logged” link. The URL will have the postid# in it and should be showing in the location area.

Next, post a link as if it were to the thread itself, including page number if it is a multi-paged thread. Then add “#postXXXXXX” to the end of the URL (replace the Xs with the number from the first step.

For your post it would look like this:

You can include the whole thing in a look at this post link.

Click the quote button to see all the codes if you need to.


If you don’t remember the format of the URL to link to a particular post, you can go to anyone’s profile and click on their last post. This will give you the format. Then replace the postid with the postid of the post you want.

Testing this here

Thanks JimB!