How do I include one or more quotes from other posts in mine?

That’s it. I don’t seem to be able to figure out how to include quotes from other posts in the one I’m typing. I have discovered that if I hit reply after one of the posts, the entire post is copied into my text window, and if I delete the parts that I don’t want to use, I can include the quote that way. But I want to do what I see others doing - having a nicely set aside (within a box) quote - within my post. I’d really like to be able to do that with several excerpts from several posts, which I see from time to time. Does one have to be fairly adept at computer code, etc. (which I am not) or does the board software actually have the ability to help me out?

Or cut and paste and use the {quote}Paste here{/quote} VB function except use instead of {}. So it will come out like this

If you want to include the author then use {quote=uncommon sense} Moronic Bable {/quote}, except once again replace the {} with the .
Looks like this

Enclose the text you want with {quote} and {\quote} only with square brackets . See how to do this and other things here - which is the link down the bottom of the page labelled “vB code”.

You could also right-click on the reply buttons then select “open in new window” and copy the formatted quotes from there. But that’s another access to the board. And it’s hard to say whether that’s really less effort than doing the quotes manually yourself.

If you’re confused about how it should look, reply to (to get a quote) and look at the tags. That’s what you have to type in. You don’t need a lot of computer knowledge.