Multiple Quotes-How?

I’ve done a few searches and nothing came up, so - how do you do quotes from several different posts in one reply?

Thanks in advance-DESK

Easiest way is cut and paste. This question recently came up in this forum – try changing the number of days to view to a higher figure at the bottom of the forum menu, and search for a thread titled much like yours (the search function here has been improved immensely, but still has the occasional glitch in finding things).

I’m guessing you mean that.
[sub]If not, feel free to ignore the rest o’ this.[/sub]

Bottom left corner of every page, there’s a little grey box. Look for the link to vB code (or just click here) and read up on jist how it’s done.

The no-frills version:
Type and cut ‘n’ paste as needed to get

{quote}Random Poster said xyz{/quote}
{quote}Some Other Random Poster said abc{/quote}

and replace the {}s with s above.

Clicking on the quote button on a specific post will do the coding for you, but only with the text from that specific post. (But you knew this bit, yeah?) For multiple attributions, you need to do your own coding.

Here’s the thread Polycarp mentioned: Inserting multiple quotes in posts

Not to confuse you, but some of the posts in that thread are talking about something else; just read carefully.

:smack: Duh!! I’m so used to hitting the quote button, I didn’t even think about doing my own coding to do the job. Thanks all.

You can open multiple quote windows, then cut and paste each blurb to one thread. Quote the first one, and use that new window as your post window. Open the second quote blurb in a new window, then copy and paste over to your post. Then for the third and on quote, highlight the “quote” link and copy the link, paste it into the URL block on the third window and open the quotes there, and revert to the copy paste method described in step 2.

But I prefer to self-code. Copy and paste text from the message to the window, then add code for the quote format.