how to take multiple quotes?

I have a technical question about quoting other posts, namely, how do I include more than one quote in my post?
Thanks in advance.

I’m sure there’s a better way, but what I do is click Quote on the first post, then page down until I see the other quote I want to include in my own post, then copy and paste (control-C and control-V on a PC) that quote into my post.

I then surround the new quote with the code {quote} and {/quote} (replacing those braces with brackets) and add the person’s name in there, too, usually in italics.

There’s gotta be a better way, but that one works for me.

The Quote button is just to make it easier for you to quote someone’s post; you can hand code the quotes if you wish.

Or you can do what I do; If I want to quote two posters in one of my posts, I open up a couple of quoted replies (in new window) and cut and past them into one of the windows for my post.

Thanks, guys.

If you use a macro program (I couldn’t live without Typeit4me, MAC only) you can make it really easy.

I have two macros. the one I use most often is this"qqq" - when I type that in I get this (where you see {, it will be a bracket. If i put the bracket, everything will disappear because it will then be code. hope I was clear on that):

{QUOTE}i}Originally posted by {/i} {B}

{/b} {/quote}

then i just fill in the middle. I also have a second one that is the same, it just leaves out the “Originally posted by” for when I keep quoting the same person.

I also do the same thing for bold and italic quoting.

Macros RULE!

If you have 2 windows open, be sure you post on the correct one. Sometimes people put the strangest posts on a thread when they try to combine quotes and combine them in the wrong window.