Inserting multiple quotes in posts

I went through the FAQ and could not find an answer to that question.

What I’d like to able to do is to inbed attributed quotes within the same post, much as when you hit the ‘quote’ button on any post. Obviously, I’m looking to find out if there’s a workaround to doing this manually for each additional quote I’d like to add.

Thanks in advance.

I think the closest you can come is to click on the quote tag for all the posts you’re looking at, but have them open in new windows and then cut and paste. I’m pretty sure that’s the only way to quote multiple posts without having to put all the coding in manually.

Thanks much, Asylum. That’s what I’d been doing. Thought there might be a workaround – can get confusing.

Oh well, appreciate it just the same.

My personal preference when doing longer posts (which I tend to make because I’m extremely long-winded!) is to make the code first, then the text. So if I am going to quote someone, I first type


and then go copy the text, then paste it in

[quote]Thought there might be a workaround – can get confusing.[/quote]

I do the same thing with inline tags like bolding, for example. Type the opening and closing tags then go back and enter text. If I’m going to be quoting a lot, often I type one open/close set then copy and paste it a buncha times and delete the baggage when done.

Hmm…not bad, erislover. I can see how preformatting like that could make things easier. Think I’ll give it a test drive.

Gracias mil!

I do the same thing erislover describes. I don’t need it for basic text-formatting tags, but it’s definitely a headache-saver for quotes, hyperlinks, and other stuff where it’s easy to misformat tags or forget to close them or otherwise bollix them up. When you’ve got “quote” and “/quote” sitting right next to each other, a misspelled “qoute” jumps right out.

Did I hallucinate this, or were multiple quotes standard on the previous version of vBulletin? Any way we can go back to that?

Multiple quotes were indeed a feature of 1.x. From what I understand, the hack required to go back to that style is quite involved - or, let me say, more involved than the SDMB is going to do, I am 99% certain.

What I do is hit the quote button for the first poster I want to quote, then scroll down the list of replies for each additional poster I want to quote. By a process of copying and pasting the quoted text in the draft of my post, then copying and pasting all the “quote code,” and finally attributing the quote to the right person (I don’t think I’ve made any copy-paste errors quite yet, for which I’m grateful) … it’s done!

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Just out of curiosity, how did this even work? A bunch of checkboxes that let you pick which posters you want quoted in your reply?

No, it wasn’t like that. What he means is that you had multi-level quotes possible like:

when people were debating/discussing, without having to put them in manually. Of course, this also lead to insane “Quote chains”, since many people would obstinately see how many depths of quotes they could do.

Oh okay. Nested quotes. Yeah, I knew about that. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Not sure I follow, Flamsterette_X. I read that you’re copying and pasting into your original quote.

How does that help in any way? Or am I completly misunderstanding you?

Nope, I’m not copying and pasting into my original quote. I’ve quoted you in my post, right? Let’s just say that I want to quote Achernar as well… instead of going to the trouble of opening up a new message window to grab that quote (a real bother sometimes on my computer), I can just copy and paste what he said right into my message window. I’ll just scroll down the “reply to topic” page till I get to what he said. (no quote marks because I’m doing this step-by-step, so work with me here)
Just out of curiosity, how did this even work? A bunch of checkboxes that let you pick which posters you want quoted in your reply?
At this stage of the process, I would just copy and paste the quote tags from the original quote (yours) to Achernar’s quote, like so:

Last step: since you obviously did NOT say what Achernar said, I would then need to delete the “RedFury” part of the quote and replace it with “Achernar.” Observe:

There! All done… unless I have more posters that I feel like quoting in my reply, and then I just repeat the process as many times as needed. :smiley:

Hope that helps, and sorry if I was unclear. So far, I don’t think I’ve had any copy-paste errors while using this method… and hopefully it continues that way. If that did happen and I actually noticed it, I’d make another post saying so. Now, nested quotes is another thing altogether… I think I used to know how to do it, but have forgotten how. Oh well.

Note to mods: this is not meant to be a deliberate misattribution of the quote from Achernar to RedFury… I’m just showing how I manage when there’s multiple posters that need quoting. :slight_smile:


Neat trick; there’s also another way though, isn’t there?

Damn! that ‘blah’ wasn’t meant to be there; that was a remnant of my experimenting to try to find the ‘other way’.

FAQ - technical issues - vBcode tips - “Escaping” vB codes

Flamsterette_X’s technique is what I had in mind when I heard “multiple quotes”.

Erk! Thanks Arnold (May I say you’re looking particularly suave today…[sub]fawn, grovel. cringe[/sub])

I’m pretty sure that there was yet another way (not mentioned in the FAQ; something like [quote]text[/quote] (but obviously not exactly that.