How do I install a lock on my car’s data port?

So, last month there was an article about car thieves in Toronto using Apple Tags to track cars they want to steal:

According to this National Post article, one way to reduce car theft is to :

How do I do that, please?

There seem to be Youtube videos:

I’m not sure it would be worth the effort. Look up YouTube videos from folks like The Lockpicking Lawyer and you’ll see that pretty much any niche security lock is made with more focus on appearance than security and they all but fall open once a pick is inserted.

Pros that have your car will spend two minutes removing the lock, if that. On the other hand, you could very well misplace the key before the next time the Check Engine light comes on, causing much inconvenience for yourself.

ETA: If you have an iPhone, Apple will kindly warn you that you are being tracked by an unknown Apple Tag.

Easily solved with a small piece of electrical tape.


That’s how I used to take care of the annoying “shift” light on recent manual transmission cars. So convenient and simple!