How Do I Make A Smiley Face?

I went to FAQ and looked up “how to make a smiley” and I saw a list of codes. I tried typing the codes but no smiley face appears…just the text that I typed.

When I click on the smilies faces to the left and try and drag them into the text box the smiley doesn’t appear. Only the typed version of it.

What am I doing wrong? how do I make smiley faces?


Make sure the checkbox labelled Disable Smilies is unchecked. It’s below the area where you type your messages.

Oh and did you actually try posting your message with the smiley codes? The smilies don’t show up while you’re typing, you’ll only see them after you’ve posted your message. :slight_smile:

Ok here one goes… :smiley:

There ya go.

The probelm was the box was checked so I was not able to make them. But look I did it :smiley:

Bless you

Then what are the smilies in the box to the left mean? Am I supposed to click and drag them into the text box?

No, you just click on them while you are composing a message. That will automatically put the correct code in your message at the point where the cursor is.