How do I make "Memories" private on facebook

So my facebook profile changed to the new format today. There is a new section called “memories” that shows people old photos and wall posts from years ago. The thing is, all of my photos and wall posts are supposed to be private from certain facebook friends. There doesn’t seem to be a setting to make memories private or customized under the privacy settings menu. I did “preview my profile” as one of my friends who is supposed to have limited access, and while they can’t see my pictures or wall posts where one normally could, if I click on memories, there they all freaking are! Anyone know how I can make the memories section private? Or hell just get rid of the section entirely?

Mark Zuckerberg said, “All your memories are belong to us.”

According to the Beeb some user functionality (inc Memories) was accidentally released into the wild before full testing and properly planned release. It should have been removed.